By special request

It was’n’t actually put that way, it was more “Get on with the good news. Don’t keep us waiting🙂”, kind of an order really. 

So here goes. 😀

A short while ago I did a post entitled Problems! Problems! Problems!, which was basically about a run in I was having with a pack of rogues, masquerading as “Petplan the pet insurance people” an honest, reputable, insurer of our pets and other animals.

There wasn’t much involved, a bit over a couple of hundred dollars, and I was told/instructed by my wife to forget about it; so I just went silently and merrily on my way, making Petplans life uncomfortable to say the least.

There was a principle here, and I had no intention of letting go. I know/knew exactly what they were up to; the word we use these days is, I believe skimming, back in my days in insurance it was called stealing. I thought that there are many others who don’t understand and are completely ignorant of what their insurance policy covers and are getting ripped off.

To cut this ramble/rumble short. A great many e-mails, real letters and telephone calls resulted in a final ‘phone call from Petplan to me at around 14.30 hours on the 3rd, which was Wednesday (very appropriate – Woden God of War) by an obviously very young girl/lady who was given the task of calling me to say that they had received a report from the Annandale Animal Hospital ( always give them a plug) that morning and on review had decided to reverse their previous position and reimburse me the excess that they deducted.

Which of course was a downright falsehood. The report was dated and sent on 18th April!

And would I please notify the Ombudsman that the matter had been resolved! I’ll do that when the refund appears in my account; not before!

So a win for me; but I wonder about the poor souls who don’t understand their rights and have decided to pursue these people relentlessly. I have a letter drafted to the Underwriters in London and hopefully they will straighten out Petplan. 👿

Of course I did a review of ‘Petplan  the pet insurance people’ to which they responded, I find it somewhat humorous, so I thought I’d add a link, for anyone with nothing much on their plate, and want/need something else to bore them; here it is:  😀




The photograph displayed hereunder, is for the benefit of the requester of the above ramble 😈


9 thoughts on “By special request

  1. Makes me glad I never bought pet insurance. Glad your mess has been settled.

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    1. I buy it to make my wife happy, when this policy expires I will not be renewing it.

      And the beauty is, that if and when the malignant growth strikes again, it is fully covered by the this claim thats been the cause of all this business 🙂

      Whether they like it; know it, or not.

      Fun and Games ahead. 😀

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  2. Thank you so much, Brian. As for Petplan – I have to feel sorry for them – they have no idea with whom they are messing

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    1. Do I detect a tongue in cheek? 😈 I’m feeling very strongly about this, even though I’ve been instructed by the War Office aka Kerry my wife, to forget it!

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      1. No tongue in cheek at all this time. I’d be right there with you. I have the same attitude towards such people and once roused wouldn’t let it go.


  3. well done – hopefully they shall review their modus operandi.

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    1. If they know what’s good for them………….. 👿


  4. I am duly put on notice, and hope never to be on the wrong side of your pen! Well done, Brian! And the photo isn’t half bad, either! 😊😺

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  5. That was October 2005, before my prostate cancer, stroke and gastrectomy, Taken in London as I tucking into a steak & kidney pudding, a popular dish with the English of my generation at least. and one I’ve never been able to master, and the only thing my mother could!
    As you see I was chubby and a big eater. Now I know what they mean by the good old days.


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