The enthralling, continuing, saga of ‘The Mermaid’ .

Disaster has been averted. My reputation salvaged. The Mermaid is whole again. “How has this been accomplished?” I hear you/y’all ask. 

“Very simple” I reply.

Disperser to the rescue! 

When reading of my distress, and despair, at the task ahead of me, in the previous episode, disperser at great inconvenience to himself; scoured the WWW, and came up with the solution to all my problems.

He promptly, and without regard to his own safety, sent an e-mail  to me containing all the information needed to solve my dilemma; how to repair ‘The Broken Mermaid’.

Immediately, and without further ado, 48 hours later, I hurried off to Officeworks in downtown Glebe, after first stopping to fill the tank with petrol/gasoline; my wife and daughter had been out the day before, and I had a fuel gauge reading ‘EMPTY”, and then taking Coco for a run in the park, I decided it was best to take him home, rather than leave him in the car whilst wandering the aisles.

I rather enjoy wandering around the Officeworks store, and am inclined to forget that there may be someone waiting patiently/impatiently in the vehicle.

So an hour or so after leaving on the 1½ – 2 km  trip, to Glebe, I arrived, travel weary and bedraggled, got the stuff I needed and headed home. Someone, somewhere, must have been looking out for me, as I arrived home some 5 minutes later!

A couple of hours later, after my epic outing, I had recovered enough to tackle the task ahead! 

That was yesterday. Today was the 4th anniversary of Ruby’s  birthday, and when she came to see me for hugs and kisses, her ‘Mermaid’ was waiting.

As some bloke said some time ago “alls well that ends well”; not sure, it might have been dispenser, he  writes  lots of ‘stuff’.

And here are some pictures of Ruby with her Mermaid, and Ruby in her yellow Wellies.  😀





20 thoughts on “The enthralling, continuing, saga of ‘The Mermaid’ .

  1. I accept no credit because I could not personally supervise the repair work and hence don’t want to risk tainting my reputation should the workmanship of the repair be anything less than perfect.


    1. I never would have classed you as a cowardly type! You must subscribe to my credo: better to be a live coward than a dead hero!
      I shall accept full responsibility for the repairs! 😀


    2. Not cowardly . . . I’m a firm believer of placing the mantle of responsibility — good or bad — on the correct shoulders. If you did a great job, the glory is all yours.

      If not, you go down in flames alone.

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      1. did you see the lyre bird on that post I reblogged from Gwen?


      2. you’re an argumentative bugger aren’t you!


  2. and a Happy Fourth Birthday to Ruby

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    1. Thanks Ira, hope you’re feeling better and back to being normal, whatever normal is; again. 😀


  3. So there. You can do everything 🙂

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    1. I wouldn’t go that far! 🙂

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  4. I saw that Disperser had added a link about repair of the plaster of Paris (if memory serves correctly). So good on you for taking his advice and following through. I bet Ruby was thrilled. Happy Birthday to her too.

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    1. He’s really a good man, just that he likes to appear different>

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    2. I resemble that remark!

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    3. Ruby was thrilled and she had a very happy day, and she will have another on Suday when she has the big birthday party, Rellies coming down from QLD, I haven’t been told yet but I expect they’ll want me cooking some hot bites, again! 😦

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  5. You were her hero! Well done, Brian!

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    1. Thank you Lauren, that may well be stretching it a bit, but I’ll bask in my moment of glory, and milk it for all it’s worth 😀 😈


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