Finally made ’em!

friands that is.

I’ve been putting it off for some time, but as a special request for my granddaughter, Ruby, who loves her grandpa’s cakes I decided to set to and make  ‘Friands’.

They are fussy things to make, it’s a basic recipe, and can be found quite easily on the WWW. What you do with it, any variation, is entirely up to you,  the cook.

I like a lime zest and raspberry friand. They are bursting with flavour and colour, the raspberries tend to ‘pop’ as you can see in the photos below.

As you can see there is one, sticking out like a sore thumb, without a sprinkle of icing sugar. Thats mine, 😀  I tend to like mine sans sugar; which you’ll find hard to believe, if you see the ingredients 😈

Around 2 this afternoon, I’m hoping to meet up with my good chum Neill, for a quiet drink at the ‘Vic’. I’ve saved a couple of the friands to tempt his palate.



33 thoughts on “Finally made ’em!

  1. and I so love a friand.


    1. as do I! Sorry you cant make it to the Vic Ira, get well soon


  2. Brian,
    I include Donna Hay’s recipe for your “up above and over the top” readers. I don’t know if it is as good as yours, but they might like to try it any way.

    I am looking forward to tasting your friands Brian and the beer,,,,,,,,,,of course. I’m not sure friands go with beer, so I might keep it for my smoko (morning tea, for the “up and over the top” folk).


    1. It’s pretty much the same, after all a friand is a friand. it’s all in th cooks variation.


    2. For reasons unknown I’v never ever followed Danna Hay, Emma gave me one of her disks some years back and I never bothered looking at it. Strange


  3. Those do look good, but I’m suspicious of the almond flavor as often it’s a bit much.

    Personally, were I to indulge in something like that, Madeleines or pound cakes would be at the top of my list as I prefer a heavy cake. With lots of powdered sugar, of course.

    Regardless, I now crave pastries . . . thanks.


    1. The almond flavour is barely discernible, the lime zest takes first place, followed by the raspberries; but they are very subtle; as they should be.You’d definitely like my fruit cake, now thats a very heavy cake.


      1. ugh . . . I’ve never liked fruit cake. In Italy, I didn’t like panettone — I used to pick out the fruit and then mask any residual fruit taste with liberal doses of sugar — but at least that was a nice sweet bread.

        The US fruitcake (presuming it’s substantially similar to the Australian version) was a no-go from my very first introduction to it. No amount of sugar could mask the taste.

        But, I realize many people like it.


        1. Here’s a recipe for an Australian boiled fruit cake, you might like.

          CWA Quick and Easy Recipe – Boiled Fruit Cake

          Good luck with this,


        2. I don’t approve of boiled fruit cakes


        3. Emilio doesn’t like fruit cakes Neill. However if you have a recipe using Spam , you’ll have a friend for life! 👿

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        4. Neill Francis 24/04/2017 — 08:28

          your friend Emilio might enjoy this delicious Spam recipe:
          SPAM® Lazy Day Casserole



        5. That would be Emilio . . . and my friendship is not so easily earned.


        6. then I am indeed privileged 😀


  4. Oh my, those look delicious!

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  5. When we were homeless between leaving Pyrmont and coming here, we took a room at some “guesthouse” (aka doss house) in Annandale for six weeks. Wouldn’t you know it, we won the meat tray at the Vic Hotel, just when we had nowhere to store or cook the stuff. Rang my sister to come pick it up, as she was short of money and had two hungry children to feed. I love friands, but imagined they might be hard to make. Funnily enough, I just bought some almond meal last week. Do you need a special tin to achieve that shape? Got as far as banana cake this week. Made it with my grand-daughter when it was clear they would not eat the bananas fresh since the skins were slightly spotted.


    1. Don’t think they have the meat raffles there now, but I never go there on a Thursday or Friday, so they might still be on.
      They are not hard to make, very fussy, AND MESSY, need to use 7 or 8 small dishes/bowls. Yes there is a special tray, Coles or Woollies have them not expensive $10 thereabouts.They are an oval shape and ave a star type of thing shaped in the bottom shiche gives them the fancy look, doesn’t affect the taste. I don’t see any reason why an ordinary small cake tin wouldn’t work, just that they wouldn’t look like what we expect a friand to look like.

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      1. I might give them a go sometime. I made crepe suzettes for Easter Sunday and that went over a treat. I briefly considered jam roly-poly. There is a chap here who went to an English boarding school who would be happy to live on that. And I made banana cake with the grand-daughter the other night . . . . or I might return to ignoring the kitchen, and just write instead 🙂


        1. Haven’t made crepes for years; can’t think why I always enjoyed them.

          My children loved them too, especially watching me make them and tossing and catching them in the pan.

          I enjoyed them with a savoury meat filling too.

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        2. My stepmother, who eats like a bird, had two servings. The ultimate compliment from an Italian woman who has been cooking since she was twelve.

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  6. I’m super impressed, Brian! Never heard of friands, and can’t do the sugary stuff, but the recipe sounds heavenly. 😊

    Hoping this finds you in reasonably good health!


    1. Thank you Elouise, They are quite a favourite here in Australia and are very rich. I can only ever manage one some can eat two at a sitting, my daugters ‘partner’ loves them and I once made him a dozen and he scoffed the lot.
      I’m feeling very well for the most part, but I find I’m getting tired quite quickly and neglecting my fellow bloggers, and am slow to acknowledge their work,which does make me feel ashamed and bad.
      I need to get a grip on myself and get back into the swing of things.

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      1. I’m sad to hear you’re going through a rough patch. I’m also grateful I found you, and enjoy hearing about your life. No matter what it’s like.

        In the last few weeks I’ve been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Stage 3a of 5 stages. Not very happy about it, though blogging friends like you who also struggle with physical challenges and limitations inspire me to keep at it. At my pace. Whatever it happens to be. Which, right now, is much slower than I’d like.

        Thanks again for the peek into your culinary talent! 😊


      2. You worry too much. Most bloggers understand, and them who don’t . . . well, no friands for them.


        1. Thanks Emilio, (got it right this time and I’ve edited the rest) 😀


  7. Neill Francis 24/04/2017 — 10:18

    these are very tasty.
    20 min or more to make Serves 6-8
    Yes they are called Puftaloons – I know it’s a funny name but so good 🙂 I don’t know the exact serving or cooking time because I have added two versions.
    Serve with golden syrup, jam, bacon, honey, vegemite, golden syrup, jam, peanut butter, tomato sauce, whatever you like.
    People Who Like This Dish 21


    1. Neill I’ve edited the recipe and added the link instead, makes it easier to follow, if someone wants to keep the recipe.
      I might give these a try, Ruby will probably like them.


  8. Neill Francis 24/04/2017 — 12:31

    it was great to catch up with you over a few beers yesterday. Thank you for the raspberry friands. I had one with my morning tea this morning and I can vouch to your readers that they tasted as good as they looked in the photograph – very moist. I’d give them 4.75 out of 5; I would have liked a bit more of the lime flavour coming through. I was wondering if ginger friands would work. Lime and ginger would be a great flavour.
    Thank you for the editing job, Yes, children would enjoy them, but not too often; they aren’t the healthiest thing to give them

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    1. Only 4.75? Don’t expect anymore :evil:, I actually thought I’d gone overboard this time, with the lime, which just goes to show the difference in tastes.
      I’d have thought more in line with Bradman’s finishing % an appropriate score. 99.96%


      1. Brian,
        I have now eaten friand #2 and I could taste the lime in that. Perhaps friand #1 missed out on the zest, when you were stirring the mixture, or otherwise my taste buds weren’t working at that time of the morning. 4.75 is a very good mark. It is very difficult to get full marks, at least from this old chalkie.

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