The ‘Mermaid’


A grandpa’s woes.

It’s not always easy being a grandpa; the expectation of very young granddaughters is beyond all imagination. Beyond mine at any rate! 😥

I was never told, that my being a grandpa required being the possessor of infinite wisdom & knowledge; the  patience of a saint; “chief fixer upper,  Jack of all trades”; and keeper of everything everyone needs, and never has.

Luckily I possess all these qualities . 😈

This belief in the omnipotence of grandpa’s, is, I believe, instilled in them by their mothers, and grandmothers, from  an early age as insurance against being caught short by said granddaughters.

How the revelation came to me, was purely by chance. Some weeks ago, Luke, Ruby and Poppy Mays daddy,  my son-in-law, arrived home, with some minor damage to the rear of his SUV thingy. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t very happy, and Ruby cheered him up by uttering the following.

“Don’t worry daddy, I’ll tell Bampa (Grandpa) and he’ll get his tools and fix it for you!”! The real words of a three and a half year old; true as I’m sitting here. 🙄

Luckily, Luke got me out of it, how I don’t know. There have been a few small things that she has managed to break, and I’ve succeeded in fixing; but a panel beater?

Roll on a few weeks, and Granny Smith, my wife not an apple, arrived home from baby sitting, for want of a better expression, bringing ‘The Mermaid’. More properly, the pieces of ‘The Mermaid’, two pieces to be precise minus a few chips.!

You’ve probably gathered that ‘The Mermaid’ is/was a figurine, and a prized possession of Ruby, which had somehow ‘become’ broken, and it was sent to her grandpa to fix.

Trouble is, it appears to be made from chalk, and when it was dropped, it split into two large pieces, and  several small ‘splinters’ which have been lost forever.

There is “Buckleys’ chance of my fixing this ‘treasure’. How will I tell her?

You may notice that Ruby had improved the figurines looks, with a dab or two of paint. 

And now by special request.

Some photographs of Coco; the picture with Butch, Luke’s dog is from 2012 when we first got him at age 4 years 2 months, as is the bottom one where he’s enjoying a siesta. 😀

32 thoughts on “The ‘Mermaid’

  1. love, love all the fabulously gorgeous photos.

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    1. Thank you Ira, the pics of Coco were by request, and I shall be adding more each post 😀
      Are you joining Neill and me at the Vic on Sunday, after you’ve been cleansed at Mass of course 👿


  2. Grandpa is a superhero!!

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    1. Not this one GP. 😦 wish I was that would be fun 🙂

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  3. Thanks for the quick response. No wonder you sound almost gooey when you talk about Coco

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    1. I assure you I give him plenty of cuddles and kisses XD,
      When my son Nathan Sebastian called by to wish me well on Monday I kept calling him Coco.
      I don’t think he was amused. 🙄 O_o


  4. I wish Coco could loan me a few of those pretty curls. I’m jealous.

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    1. A toss up between Ruby and Coco as to who has the best, I’ll be a coward and say “Dead Heat” for first! XD


  5. I’m sure you are up to it, Brian.

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  6. I assure you I’m not this time Derrick 😥


  7. Brian, This is not for the purpose of garnering stats for myself, but did I tell you that I have split my blog in two, and to get the dexter half you will need to go to , regards John


    1. No,John, I am/was unaware of a split blog, the only Dexter that springs to mind is a show, I can’t recall if it was radio or TV; I neither listened to, or watched it, whichever applies; Called ‘Life with Dexter’; you being a youngster would probably have more idea than I, then again it may have been before your time.
      I shall check out that split post now, I hope it’s not too depressing, My experience with dementia, is only too recent and was not exactly a cheerful time.
      Cheers Brian


    2. I seem to have some catching up and reading to do, 12 chapters. Listed from last to first, do I read it that way or do you suggest I find chapter 1 at the bottom XD 😈
      Just kidding XD


      1. Or get the full version on
        I broke it up because a few people claim that a blog post shouldn’t be more than 800 words.


        1. I understood it to be 600, so there we go! Bugger the lot of them, go for broke! 😈
          I’ll try find it at the normal address, I usually get an email when you post, but can’t recall getting one for this one. I probably shunted it off accidentally when clearing out my email mail box when it was choking, during the time I was not exactly with it!


        2. Yes but still go to the other blog. And I presumed that you of all people would know that ‘dexter’ means the ‘right’ side as opposed to ‘sinister’ meaning the ‘left’side. Or didn’t you do Latin when you were up at St Hilda’s.

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        3. Believe it or not my formal education was very limited. Had it been possible I’m sure my mother would have had me climbing up inside chimney pots brush in hand at age 5 or 6, I was quite a small child. As it was she couldn’t send me out ’til I was 15, and I started earning my keep on my 15th birthday at 9.30 amat a London Ins co.
          I don’t think I’d have liked Latin anyway.
          I’ve never seen the word dexter used before, but I assume that the word ambidextrous is tied in there somehow. I shall check it out with my OED


        4. Well done that boy. Dextrous means being clever with your hands – or right handed. Ambidextrous means being right handed in both hands. I think that anyone who is clever with words – or is a bit pedantic – would actually like Latin.


  8. Love the photos of Coco! And your humble 🙂 admission that you are not a magician. I’m assuming your Ruby dealt with it as the very smart young lady she is. Maybe she’ll touch it up with paint!

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    1. I have the pieces still, looking forlornly at me, I shall endeavour to piece them together, she will not be able to play with it as she used to though. As for paint she’s already given them a paint job.
      My Coco is a really sweet dog.

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      1. Did you look at the link I posted in the comment above?

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        1. Yes, thank you, very remiss of me not replying, my apologies.

          That being said, and the grovelling over, I shall buy some of that school glue stuff, when I go to Officeworks, to pick up my stationery requirements on Sunday.

          That’s of course if they know what school glue is. Here the school children use some substance called “clag”, or some such name. Hopefully it will be the right stuff.

          I shall keep you and all those that have shown some interest in my predicament posted.


  9. abushiestale 22/08/2017 — 21:42

    I have found, since moving to Melbourne, that it is very hard to get people to sit and talk. But my new pick up line has become, “Hi. If you ever need to get rid if that dog, I’ll take it off your hands.” It works a charm. I just don’t know what I’ll do if someone hands me the lease andwalks away.

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    1. Hope it’s not too expensive, and you can get out of it, not very fond of leases. Especially long ones

      I let my dog off the leash when we’re out in the park, but keep him on a short lead on the streets


  10. abushiestale 22/08/2017 — 22:35

    What you could do, if you had any decency and could remember back to when you were
    a good church goer, is to just go into the comments and correct all my spelling mistakes (Like I do with yours) instead of pointing out to all and sundry that the old ex English teacher has feet of clay.


    1. Maybe we should stop correcting all his mistakes . . . it apparently has given him the impression he can cast stones with impunity.

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      1. Yes, but I make my mistake to test you; to make sure you’re reading them thoroughly, whereas the rest of you plebs just err!


      2. To err, or not to err–that is the question:
        Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
        The slings and arrows of outrageous comments
        Or to take arms against a sea of conceit
        And by opposing end it. To die, to sleep–
        No more–and by a sleep to say we stop
        The inane replies, and the thousand insults
        That ElBob so carelessly slings.

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        1. Thanks ej you made my day, I was on a downer and you fixed it 😀


        2. It’s my job. Many say I’m good at it. Thank you.

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