Back in March I posted this blog, ; concerning my dog, and companion, Coco, and the re-occurrence  of a growth on his left eyelid.

This time there were complications,  and over the next 4 weeks, the poor little fellow had to have two more operations. I’m happy to announce, that for now, all is well and that his eye and eyelid are back to normal.

The growth, being under the eyelid and therefore not visible, had caused some fairly serious damage to the eye itself.

For some weeks; I lost track of how many, I had to administer an ointment directly onto the eyeball, three times daily, dropping to twice daily in the last  week. After the final operation I had to administer 14 ml  of an anti-biotic orally each morning with his breakfast.

Believe me, I was frazzled by the end, but I must report that my Coco was a gallant little fellow, the whole way through.

Unfortunately, there is one sour note. Isn’t that always the way? :/

The doctors and staff at the Annandale Animal Hospital, are a very caring and obliging set of people, and they go out of their way to help not only our pets, but the owners as well.

They don’t have to do it, but they do. They’ll handle the insurance claims for the owners who do have pet insurance.

After the first operation I paid the bill and submitted it and my claim to ‘Petplan, the pet insurance people’ as they like to call themselves. This organization was recommended to me by the Vets at the University of Sydney Veterinary School.

When we first moved down from the ‘Northern Beaches’, to the ‘Inner West’, we took Coco there for his annual injections; until we discovered the A.A.H. and they recommended Petplan to me.

Petplan policies are underwritten by the firm MS Amlin Underwriting Lloyd’s Syndicate 2001; having been an insurance man, for many years, and a claims manager for a Lloyds Broker,  I was quietly confident that I’d taken out decent insurance. How wrong can one be?

As I said earlier, I submitted a claim after the first operation, and in what was a very reasonable time, I received a cheque for the expense incurred, less of course the excess payable; which because of Coco’s age carries a loading.  The excess came to around $335.00.

The second operation, there was no charge from the hospital; told you they were caring people; the only charge is for the eye ointment I mentioned  before, which reminds me; I still have to claim for that, getting a bit forgetful.

However, the third and final operation incurred a fee, fair enough, a fairly big operation, I paid the account, and the receptionist said that she would submit the claim to Petplan for me, as the surgeon hadn’t filled out his part of the claim form. I accepted her offer, they had done this for me, on a previous occasion.

Now for the sour note.

Would you believe that Petplan decided that this third operation constituted a NEW claim and therefore another excess was applicable.

Yes indeed, the same eyelid, needing further medical attention, had nothing whatsoever to do with the original operation performed less than 3 weeks previous.

When I rang them to enquire what was going on; I was told that it was something entirely different, apparently the doctor, on the claim form, had used a different word to describe the operation, and therefore it was not the same ailment and therefore another excess was payable.

No effort on my part could make the people, I spoke to more than one, see that this is indeed the same ailment; and flatly refused to reconsider their position. Had I have been the claims manager I’d have fired them all!

Naturally I was riled, and lodged a notification of  dispute, with the Insurance Ombudsman in Victoria, I expect a resolution, in my favour, in a month or so. Meanwhile the Doctors at the hospital are going to send a full report to Petplan which will , hopefully straighten them out!

I am not amused! 👿

It seems that MS Amlin Underwriting Lloyd’s Syndicate 2001 are having a bit of a rough trot at the moment, ratings agency A M Best has downgraded the  ‘Financial Strength Rating’ (FSR) of MS Amlin Underwriting managed Lloyd’s Syndicate 2001 due to what it describes as deteriorating technical performance.

Thought you’d be happy to know that bit of useless information. Does it surprise you? 


You may have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity on these pages, the past few weeks. I haven’t been giving much attention to this, or my email, with the worry of my Coco. He takes precedence over all else. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Problems!Problems!Problems!……

  1. Well, at least things somewhat work out.

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    1. I have little respect for Insurance companies, thats why I gave up working for them.


  2. Hi Bro, Sorry to hear about Coco and the eye problems. Chin up, try to enjoy your birthday tomorrow you are getting on a bit!!!😏. Carole

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    1. Thanks Carole, Coco is my constant companion and I feel helpless at times, when he looks at me with his beautiful big brown eyes.
      Birthdays are just another day for me, when Nathan dropped by this morning to use my computer and printer, he wished me a happy birthday and I had to check the date on th computer to be sure that he wasn’t making a boo boo! XD 🙄 O_o o_O
      Have you moved into your new home yet? Send me some pics, I like pics XD


  3. Oh, yes. I do believe it


    1. I knew that you would XD
      Thanks Derrick.

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  4. Keep on fighting the good fight, and good luck with that complaint. Meantime I wish Coco a continued successful recovery.


    1. You may bet on it Gwen, let the battle commence.

      Coco says thanks or the good wishes but he’d prefer some treats instead, as he can’t eat them. good wishes that isWOOF XD

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      1. I appear to have a surplus of chocolate Easter eggs, but they are no good for Coco and my grandchildren will devour them this week anyway.

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  5. Glad that Coco is recovering. But I know from experience, that vet bills can bankrupt you quicker than anything, whether you are insured or not. Insurance companies arrange things so that they come out on top, financially, not you!


    1. Thanks Diane he’s a lot better and happier now. I don’t think our vets has been charging absorbent fees for their service, in fact they are very reasonable, they have not charged for all but one of the follow up consultations, and there have been many over the past several weeks.
      The only thing that seems expensive is the cost of the ointments and other medications, I suppose that’s because we humans are cushioned against the excesses of the pharmaceutical companies by our government control of their pricing.
      The Insurers are another thing altogether and I have no doubt that I’m in fo a battle royal. I’m up for that! 😈


  6. Neill Francis 17/04/2017 — 07:34

    sorry to hear about your worry and distress about Coco and I hope he continues to improve. I looked uo the reviews of Petplan; it isn’t good:


    1. Thanks Neill,
      You,by having personal contact, probably know better than many/most about my dog and me, and know what anxiety I’ve been going through, Coco is much better, but only until the next time the growth appears and I shall have to go through this again, ext time it may be worse as there is the chance of losing the eye completely.
      Looks like I shall have to add a review, I think a review of mine might be appreciated by many, so long as I don’t let my bad temper get in the way!

      Beers on Sunday, is the Polish Princess coming?


  7. Firstly, Happy Happy Birthday to you.
    And lots of love to Coco, and wishing him a very speedy recovery – a very brave dog indeed.
    and the pox on the insurance company. Hopefully that shall be sorted out quickly.


    1. Thanks Ira, XD. Yes he is and I hope so too!


  8. How about a few photos of Coco so we can enjoy him as well. Ever since Fred died I haven’t had a dog around the house.


  9. Birthday Greetings, Brian! Do you feel wiser yet? Or just deeper in debt…. 😦 You sure do take good care of Coco–who probably takes good care of you, too. Dealing with technocrats is always a pain in the butt. I hope your appeal goes well.

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    1. How is it possible for me to feel wiser, I’m the wisest bloke I know 😈 as for debt it ‘s never worried me and I’m not going to let it start at this late stage. O_o.
      How can I not take care of such a faithful companion. I’m his person and belong to him; and he looks out for me at all times.
      I’m probably in for a battle royal with the thieves and rogues of the insurance industry but I’m quietly confident.
      Thank you for the Birthday Greeting, they are always lovely to receive.

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      1. Well…have a laugh on me. That reply just flew away! Erase the happy feet, and replace with these instead! 🕺🎉

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  10. Petplan were up to recently underwritten by Allianz in Australia – whoops Petplan upsets ASIC and underwriting was withdrawn. Clearly there are two sides to the story and we hope the owners of Petplan have lifted their game.


    1. I had been under the impression that Allianz were the Underwriters for Petplan, but I was unable to verify this when writing the post.
      Perhaps you can direct me to the relative site containing the info regarding ASIC’s involvement.
      Thank you for your comment


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