A little catching up wont go astray

I’m not sure whether this was February or March 16th, but it’s of no great moment.

I was scrolling through the rubbish on Foxtel, our cable TV provider, and came upon this; which needs little if any explanation!

This speaks for itself!
This speaks for itself!

It made me grimace; it might make you smile!


13 thoughts on “A little catching up wont go astray

  1. Are you referring to the grammar, the subject, or the spelling?

    . . . anyway. I would have thought you would be pleased . . . your constant litany of “there is no such thing” is, in this case, true.


  2. A surfeit of ennui is going to win out over ‘compelling’, ‘gripping’, ‘explosive’ and ‘baffling’. And I don’t have Foxtel.


    1. Unfortunately that is not the case here, it is typical of the ignorance of the average (they’re below average) person working in the media in Australia. They are lazy and careless, I’m sad and ashamed to report! 😦


    1. Not surprised that you don’t get Foxtel; it’s only for we suckers in Australia, it’s a company owned and run by rupert murdock and Telstra our once national government (ie. the peoples) run telephone corporation, and sold off by the liberal party politicians for a huge sum, (probably lining their own pockets in the process) to mainly overseas investors.. πŸ‘Ώ
      Selling off the country, the only way they know how to manage the economy. Not much left to sell off now 😦

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