For those too lazy….

….not interested & can’t be bothered checking out the “Weather Underground”section of this post that I put there specifically for your continuing benefit, the following load of useless information….

😈 🐻

As you know, I like to keep you all up to date, and in the loop, to use one of todays ‘In’ expressions, on the perilous situations that our Earth find itself Β in at times.

Obviously the poor old thing is getting tired, and slowing down.Β 

Those billions of people, living down there, on the Northern Hemisphere, have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring, fully expecting it on the 21st of this month, 3 days ago!

Well, I have good news for you/y’all; Β XD sometime, somewhere today, the Sun will slip across the Equator and bring you warmth and hopefully joy.

If you doubt my word, just take a gander at the pic below!Β 

Length of day 12h 00m

What further proof do you need?

So start celebrating! XD





31 thoughts on “For those too lazy….

  1. Neill Francis 24/03/2017 — 11:32

    did you take into account that we are still in Australian Eastern Daylight Time?

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    1. It doesn’t make any difference Neill; the length of the day today is 12 hours; the sun rose at 07.01 and will set at 19.01 here in Sydney. What time it happened in Broken Hill or Murwillumbah is anybody’s guess.
      Strictly speaking it will be completely different in any other part of Australia; quite possibly the Sun did cross the equator somewhere on the 21st/22nd.
      This post is a tongue in cheek effort at being light hearted frivolous & humourous all rolled into one.
      Kerry and Sarah are going to the Hunter on Saturday and will be overnighting in Cessnock or Polkobin and will be taking Coco.
      Drinks at the VIc? How about Saturday?


  2. I’m no good at charts and I can’t be bothered anyway


    1. Just as I thought!.One of the lazy ones! XD

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  3. I love the Weather Underground App! Our neighbor put up a station right near our property line, so I always know precisely what’s happening in our backyard. I especially like knowing what the UV ray level is. β˜€οΈπŸŒ€πŸŒ¦πŸŒ§β„οΈπŸŒˆ


    1. It’s easy to download onto your WP site, costs nothing, gives everything!

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      1. What other frills do you have on your WP site? I only have it on my iPad. First thing I check every morning. 😎


        1. You can add the weather thingy quite easily. I’ll send you the link, and the how to do it by email, if you send me your email address, write me at,

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        2. Will do tomorrow. Thanks, Brian.


        3. Got it! Thanks! 😊


        4. Did you get the weather link too?


        5. Yes, I did. I tried it out, but my theme doesn’t allow me to position the WU icon in the middle–which is all my theme knows to do with widgets. So it looked lopsided. Also, I checked out your site and clicked on your WU icon. I was surprised that it took me to my local weather! Not to yours. 😦 I just finished getting it up (great instructions, thank you!), then took it down but without deleting the text you sent. Not sure what I’ll do now. Any ideas? Feel free to respond to my email address.

          Having checked my iPad World Clock, I see you’re already halfway through tomorrow! πŸ™‚


        6. I actually have both the Philly & Sydney weather on mine at the moment, I had to re write some of the link to cover Philly so I played it safe and attached it to my pages, you’ll see the Sydney weather higher up the column.
          You may have noticed I’ve changed my theme, again, I do this often,
          I don’t know the name of your theme so I don’t know if or how I can help fix your problem XD


  4. Oooh, So a full moon coming on 11th April. It was full the night I moved into this apartment, (by myself) 14 August 2008. I was a bit tired and emotional and was sitting alone on the balcony watching it rise over the Pacific Ocean. I sent a text to my brother “the moon is falling over the ocean” and he responded “clumsy moon” πŸ™‚ I have never tired of watching it yet. And, the other night, I was watching some TV programme and noticed Orion was in the sky in one of the scenes. I didn’t realise we loan it to the northern hemisphere too! But having checked that on the internet – aka font of all knowledge – I see they have it upside-down to us. Again, my brother was the one who first introduced me when I was just a little person, so for my mind, Orion has a head, legs, a belt, with a sword through it. And there is only one “right way up”. Not that any of that has anything to do with the length of day at the moment, unless you count that night always follows day. Just as spring always follows winter so must definitely arrive for our northern friends soon . . . okay . . . now I am just rambling . . .

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    1. I thought you were composing a blog/post/essay on my pages and was quite enjoying it.
      So when do we get to read the rest of it?


      1. Sorry, I’m all out of eloquence. There is no inspiration left.

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        1. Welcome to my club 😦

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        2. Ah yes, but in the famous words of Scarlett O’Hara: “After all, tomorrow is another day!”


        3. Yes and the worse line ever penned to finish a book.
          I like the last line of East of Eden; Steinbecks masterpiece, best!

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        4. Okay, in 500 words or less, a blog post please on: “what is the last line in East of Eden” and “what the heck does it mean?”

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        5. Actually the last sentence in East of Eden consists of just one word.


          If you read the book (and it’s certainly well worth reading)You will find out the meaning.:evil:
          Quite a lot is written about it, it takes place during a ’round table discussion’ between John Steinbecks Grandfather, Samuel Hamilton, Adam Trask and Lee, Trasks Chinese servant.

          Here I’ll make it easy for you


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        6. Okay, well I’ve added it to my reading list!

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        7. You’ll just kick yourself for never having read it before..
          think of me as you read about ”
          prancing and farting like brewery horses in bock beer time”
          That is the only time you’ll see what might be called a minor expletive.
          Steinbecks writing is magnificent.
          When I stood before the altar which is the Steinbeck museum in Salinas tears rolled down my cheeks and I could not speak,
          Then “The Grapes of Wrath” followed by “Mice& Men” what happiness I’ve thrown your way XD

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        8. Well, I have just added those two also – and I will definitely think of you! I know I have read Grapes of Wrath, but I only remember the general premise now, not the specific language. I may have read East of Eden, although for some reason, I often confuse the title with Nevil Shute’s On The Beach. The problem is that with no TV growing up, I read so much that I have since forgotten. For some reason, Arthur Upfield and his Aboriginal character Bony is in the filing cabinet of my brain along with Shute and Steinbeck. Maybe titles such as The Sands of Windee and Gripped by Drought got all mangled in the memory mincer (and I had to look them up again). Or perhaps I had a run of reading male writers of a certain vintage.

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        9. You might gather from this outpouring that I rather like Steinbecks work

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    2. The full moon is forming up outside our living room window. Emerging on schedule as per your “prediction”.


  5. No warmth, no joy, for us this spring. We’ve had a beastly winter, and spring promises us more of the same! But thanks for the chart anyway!

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    1. Yes I’ve been watching the weather down there in the northern hemisphere, and no where does it seem any good except south of England around the New Forest
      Up here in the Southern Hemisphere we’ve had the hottest January /February on record. and March is going to be the wettest. Absolutely crazy

      Actually that chart only apples to Sydney Australia, I do believe you have one over in the eastern Provinces. It’s absolutely no use anywhere else not even Newcastle NSW which is a 100 km or so north, just a bit of nonsense and idiocy on my part XD 😈 🐻


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