A matter of some great moment….

….to me at least 😦

In April of last year, Coco,and for those who haven’t met him, Coco is my constant companion, and friend; he is my dog: he’d developed a small growth on his right eyelid. For reasons unknown, I didn’t write about that, it was just a week or so before he tore a ligament when chasing a magpie and I did write about that!

The growth was removed by the surgeons at the ‘Annandale Animal Hospital”, (lovely people so I’ll give them a plug http://annandalevets.com.au/staff/) and all seemed to be well.

Four weeks ago, on the 7th February, I noticed   that my Coco’s eye was giving him some trouble. I immediately rang the ‘A.A.H’ and arranged for Coco to be seen the next day, I was worried, but not in distress mode at that time. It seemed that there was a regrowth

Dr. Teresa Fair. who removed the growth last year attended Coco, and told us; Kerry was with me of course,that it would have to come off, the operation was scheduled for the next Wednesday the 15th.

Much to his disgust and disapproval, Coco was taken from us at 08.00, on the 15th and we were told that he would be fine, and that we would be able to take him home after 4; (that’s 16.00 hours).

On our return to the surgery, at 16.00, Dr. Teresa told us, that she’d sent the nasty bit (tissue) away for an Histopathology; and she would let me know, when the results were back. It seemed to take forever! It was not until the Friday week after the operation that the results came through.

They were not what I was hoping for! It proved malignant.

Dr. Teresa rang me on the Friday evening and told me the results were back and that it was a malignant growth, and that it will, in all probability grow again, may be soon and that, again, in all probability, he will lose his left eye.

That was on the 24th February; and we had to take Coco back on the 1st March to check see how the wound from the op. was healing. It all seemed to be going well until the following Tuesday evening, the 7th; always seems to be a Tuesday when I notice these bad things happening to my Coco; and his eye was starting to close up again. 

On the Wednesday morning I had him booked in at Orange Dogs for his beauty treatment at 09.30, at 08.30 Kerry and I took him to see Dr. Teresa, and after another thorough examination noticed some damage to his eye, which may have been caused by the sutures from the op. or the constant rubbing of the growth before it was detected and removed. Whatever the cause, an immediate operation was needed.

As Coco had had his morning feast of chicken breast, which had been gently cooked especially for him, with his Hills Science Diet dry food at 06.40, he would have to wait until after 13.30 for the operation to allow all his breakfast to be digested; Dr Teresa said it would be okay, for him to have his beauty treatment, and then for us to bring him back after.

Now Coco, like most naughty little boys, is not very fond of having a bath, let alone his hair cut, and at Orange Dogs? He gets the lot. 🙂  

He’s always happy to be riding around in the car, getting out at the park for a romp, yet when we pull up within cooee of Orange Dogs, he knows; and not only doesn’t like getting out, at times he downright refuses to and has to be lifted out, only to try and jump back in.

Why is a mystery; Corinne and Cameron, the proprietors,  are real dog lovers and their special love is spaniels, Corinne has King Charlies, and they really care, I never worry about Coco when he’s with them.Coco just bathed And here he is freshly groomed. XD 

Kerry took this on her mobile phone thingy. Came out rather well I thought.

You can see that his left eye is partly closed. 

Isn’t he just the prettiest dog you’ve ever seen! XD

I made the picture pretty big so that you can see his eye.

He was more than happy to get back into the car; poor little fellow didn’t know what was in store for him; for we had to take him back to the hospital straight away, even though there was still two hours to go before they could operate.

Dr Gwilym Hunt was on duty, he’s Welshman by birth, was raised in Sydney; however I’m sure he can sing. What Welshman can’t? I’d bet pounds to peanuts that if I asked him to sing a song; he would. He’s a lovely man, and Coco doesn’t like him, he doesn’t like Dr. Teresa either, I can’t imagine why. Well I can  really.

Dr. Gwilym told us that we could come by, and pick Coco up, after 16.00, it was a pleasant surprise, for we thought that they’d keep him in overnight, due to the lateness of the op.

We arrived shortly after 4 (16.00) and a few minutes later Dr Gwilym carried our Coco out; and was he happy to see us 🙂  The doctor took us into a surgery, explained what he’d done and what to expect, and gave me instructions regarding the stuff I need to put into the eye, twice a day for five days. I shall have to do this.

Kerry is off to Queensland for a week with our two daughters, two granddaughters and son-in-law, for it’s Sarah’s 40th anniversary of her birth today, 10th March.

Luke and Emma, Ruby, Poppy May and Butch, the dog drove up. They left on Saturday or Sunday and drove up, taking their time and  stopping off along the way to finally arrive at Noosa yesterday, Thursday. Kerry and Sarah flew up this morning and I’m home alone with my dog for a week of peace  XD  🐻 😈

I was asked to go; but I really don’t feel up to it, which is a good thing because Coco, who was to go in Luke’s SUV thing with Butch, is in no condition to go anyway. So things have worked out well. At least I think so.

I’ve been a bit lax lately, and I neglected to tell you that the results of the skin cancer things, all proved negative for malignancy.

Wish my dogs had 😦 





25 thoughts on “A matter of some great moment….

  1. Mixed news, but at least he has the care he needs. Hope you guys keep each other company for a good long while.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Emilio, I hope so too. 🙂


  2. Lisa Perkins 10/03/2017 — 13:36

    so very glad your Coco is doing good, Our dogs become family, I have 3, i have 2 three pound chaihuahua’s and a 100lb chocolate Lab.
    Hope your doing well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think even closer than family, I also think your Lab is a bit over weight.Thanks Lisa, I have some good days and some bad days, I enjoy the good ones, be nice if they were all good, 🙂


  3. So sorry to hear Coco has been having a rough trot.
    Please give him a scratch behind his ear, from me.
    Look after each other, and I wish you both well and hearty.
    And Coco looks very handsome, particularly in that pose.


    1. Thanks Ira; he certainly does look handsome, obviously doesn’t take after his human daddy – me ! 🙂


  4. What a beautiful little dog he is. You’re so lucky to have each other.


    1. He certainly is in every way possible, I can’t imagine not having him; especially when he barks at 3 am (nearly put 03.00) needing to pop out for the potty.
      Coco is an American Golden Cocker /King Charles cross, half and half, the American cocker has a much gentler face than the English cocker, with its long nose. and I believe they are slightly smaller. A much more attractive dog than the English, but I love all spaniels especially mine. 🙂


  5. Coco is so handsome! I hope this is the end of the surgeries he needs, and that he’ll be okay from now on. You take car, M’Lord.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The doctors tell me that in all likelyhood the growth will return and that my Coco will probably lose the left eye 😦


      1. The doctor is keeping tabs on the wee lad, anyhow. My neighbour had a lovely dog who had to have an eye removed. he looked like a cheeky pirate after that.

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  6. I read this with trepidation, but at least he has survived – and so have you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Derrick he has recovered quite well; but I fear he will lose the eye, sooner rather than later.As for me I always seem to, strange really.

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  7. Oh, paw Coco. I hope he feels much better soon. It sounds as if he is getting the best of care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Gwen and yes he is back to normal, wants treats and company all the time. I love him

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  8. What a beautiful and yes, sweet-looking dog! Coco is so fortunate to have you as his daddy. And all those doctors who know just what to do. He really is a charmer. I can tell. 🙂 It sounds like you have a great veterinarian who understands both you and Coco!

    Your little note at the end about skin cancers caught my eye, too. I had one removed yesterday (far from the first time I’ve had to have this done), and have two more serious ones, not yet malignant, coming off in two weeks. The things we go through as we age….Yuck. And thank goodness for those dermatologists!


    1. Yes indeed.Australia has the worlds worst death rate from melanomas. It was reported a couple of weeks back that our research scientist have made the bigest breakthrough ever and it’s believed that they may have solved the problem once and for all. We have a shocking rate of deaths hers and many many are very young adults, too much sun bathing. I’ve never been one for doing that.
      As for my baby he has me perfectly trained to do his bidding. When he looks at me with those big brown eyes and pouts I’m water! 🙂

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      1. I didn’t know that about Australia. A cure would be welcome here in the US. My father had a huge melanoma removed from his face twice over. A farm boy from childhood until he left home. He also lost a bit of an ear to it.

        Your baby is one smart little dude. Almost smart enough to be a cat! 😸😻😎


        1. Well let’s face it; Australia stuck way up here in the Antipodes is kind of forgotten, or ignored, by the rest of the world; yet we have many firsts to our credit. most noticeably the Cochlear transplant, which has brought life to many the world over.

          Melanoma is the biggest curse we have because of the Australians love of the sun and surf or which we have plenty; the reason our scientist have been working on it diligently for yonks and are now within cooee of th final cure, which we will share with the world, and will try to keep away from the greed of the American pharma. companies.

          There was an Australian discovery of some moment years ago and somehow a US pharma. co.grabbed hold of it and had the temerity to patent it thereby adding to there coffers by charging exorbitant prices for the product.

          The UNSW scientists who made the discovery got little if anything out of it except the pleasure and honour of knowing that they had done something to benefit man.

          Here in Australia the pharmaceutical companies don’t get to charge what they like. It is controlled by the government so that we the people have access to medication at reasonable cost. As a senior/pensioner the most you pay for a prescription is $A5.80.

          I’m fortunate in that I only have two items on prescription each month, which isn’t too bad; some my age have 20 or more, so my monthly medication, ie my pig pills and some capsules I have no idea what for, that I was prescribed 10 years ago costs me a miserly $A11.60

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        2. Like I asked a while ago–Is there still room for me in Australia? 😎Big Pharma is a money-hungry business that caters to drugs that promise big bucks. Which you already know…. In the meantime, tanning salons and pseudo sunscreens rake in the money and ensure a crop of patients for dermatologists who have to deliver the bad news. ⛱


        3. It seems that the US revolves around how to rip money off of your neighbour!
          Yet on the two occasions when I visited your country I met none of that, excepting where restaurants add “tips” to the bill, seems you must give tips whether the service is good or bad, Perhaps if they paid their employees a reasonable living wage instead of treating them as slave labour they could stop this rort, how are you to know whether the people who served and waited on you actually got the money and that the proprietors didn’t shove some of it into their own pockets?
          Here tipping is done on a personal basis and is not a requirement and you actually tip your own waiter/waitresses which is as it should be.
          Big Pharma does not like Australia and our socialized medicine! GOOD! 😀

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        4. You’ll notice I ignored the remarks about my Coco and some other creature 👿
          My Coco can count and tell the time inter alia XD 😀

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  9. Poor guy, you are lucky to have one another

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed we are, thank you and welcome.


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