The Art of Time Wasting

 Some months ago, I posted some rubbish on palindromes and time wasting, well something like that.

Had anybody read that rambling rubbish, they might  recall, that I was out to better the highest palindrome, that I’d been able to find for this game, which was 15051!

One might almost say, that it has now become an obsession, as I not only passed that number some time ago, I way, way passed it.

As you can see I’ve cut and saved each kilometrestone; we went metric some time back 😈 shoved them in a file, shuffled them up and bunged them on here, plus I might add; there are a few that are not “Pal’s” but had some sort of meaning at the time, and what that was I have no idea.

However it was done for the best and I have nothing further to add

You might think that I probably have better things to do with my time; and you’d be right; but what they are completely escapes me for the moment!

Anyway, should any of you have nothing better to do yourselves you might like to see what the highest palindrome is; you will have to search for it because out of sheer cussedness I shuffled them up! 👿


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