15 thoughts on “My name is Poppy May and I plead guilty as charged…

  1. . . . see, I know that things work different underneath the planet, but I would have put the camera down and intervened before it got as far as it did . . . but, it’s probably good for boosting her immune system. People who rummage in garbage cans build up all sorts of interesting immunities.

    . . . come to think of it, well done! This will likely help her later in life.

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    1. You’ve got to eat a bit of dirt before you die. That’s the saying I remember from my childhood. Over here we are having an epidemic of children with food allergies. In my opinion, excessive hygiene may be to blame 🙂

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      1. I don’t know how the young parents of today would have survived my upbringing, London 1935 – 1951,

        Looks like my Emma, Poppy’s mum is a bit of a throwback, going by this load of pics she took, she was laughing her head off

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