This is a John Lewis Dept.Store; London ad.

I couldn’t resist blogging this; my dear friend Ira, sent me the links via e-mail, and now, I just have to share it with you, hope you enjoy them as much as I 🐻

It’s Christmas time and Buster The Boxer is looking forward to getting to play with a new toy on Christmas Day. Buster didn’t realize that big bouncing thing being assembled in the back yard was for him until he saw all his animal friends having a party on it. This creative and funny advert from the John Lewis department store reminds us that you can still find gifts that everyone loves if you shop at the right store.

If you need another laugh be sure to watch this; after which watch the second short video




The John Lewis Christmas Ad for 2016 featuring Buster the Boxer has been a viral hit and it didn’t take long for someone to make a hilarious parody of it. American politics provided the perfect material for British humor to take the ad and run with it. If you haven’t seen Buster The Boxer then this might not make sense so be sure to watch it first. This just shows us that every dog has it’s day and you don’t always get what you want in life.

17 thoughts on “This is a John Lewis Dept.Store; London ad.

    1. I thought that the first would be a bit over your head, but I have fellow citizens in Australia who would understand it; but it’s very difficult being selective, when it comes to who can, and would, understand and appreciate the wit of this stuff, and advising those who wouldn’t or couldn’t to give it a miss.
      It’s all rather confusing really. 😎

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    2. Yeah, I’m a fairly base and non-cerebral type of guy. Give me that nuanced anthropomorphized pablum and it blows right by me.

      Of course, it could also be I feel for the girl; robbed of her joy by a descendant of animals that for centuries hunted and feasted on human children. I suppose some might find that entertaining.


    1. Dogs can never spoil my dreams; and when I passed on your good wishes to Coco. the reply went something like ‘growl grrr bark bark grrr growl WOOF’ which literally translated says, when are these people going to realize that though I might well be the prettiest dog in Australia I’M A BLOODY BOY DOG!
      As you see I speak very god dog language 🐻 XD

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        1. My Coco is a ‘rescue dog’, I’ve only had in 5 years and a bit. He was 4 went I got him. I’d never do that to a dog. Mind there are some ‘human’ dogs I’d be only to happy to accommodate. No names no pack drill; this is a family page! 🙄

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