14 thoughts on “Smile you’re on ‘Candid Camara’

  1. Neill Francis 17/12/2016 — 12:53

    I am told the Bolshoi Ballet Academy is very good.
    Don’t forget our Christmas Drinks at the “Old Vic”, precisely at 2:00 p.m., Sunday.


    1. I was thinking more the Royal Ballet in London, Neill. King Billy making her Dame Poppy May XD. Sunday is etched on what little is left of my brain, looking forward to it O_o


  2. Oh cruel Grandad, putting that photo up – one for the 21st album maybe?? Perhaps she’d prefer a soccer outfit?


    1. Not true; Gwen, I’m sure one day, when she’s 21, she’ll go looking in cyberspace for her grandpa, and smile, when she finds her picture still flying around in that space.

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    1. Not to worry Derrick; she’s over it now and wears it quite happily. XD

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  3. Obviously disappointed at not having received her ballet slippers.
    Everyone knows that a ballerina, just like Cinderella, must have her ballet slippers.


    1. Then I shall inform her mother immediately


  4. She’s going to love it, 16 years from now. 🙂


    1. I wont be around then, but I love it now, it’s a great photo XD


  5. Unhappy because she want ballet shoes to go with her new tutu!


    1. She didn’t like her tutu; I think that picture is priceless, Just love it, I can’t stop smiling; I’ve set it as my desktop thingy XD .


  6. That is one unhappy baby!


    1. That is one beautiful baby; never see her cry, but apparently she didn’t like the tutu. I think it’s priceless XD

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