One picture is worth a thousand words….’s 3.

                                          Little sisters

                                                                                  waiting for the party to begin.

                                                                   Poppy May’s First Birthday.

8 thoughts on “One picture is worth a thousand words….

    1. They’re keeping me young PT, especially little Poppy, she just loves sitting and playing with me.Must post a few pics of that,that Emma took on her mobile phone thingy. Ruby goes straight for my wife and Poppy straight for me so it’s a happy arrangement all round. XD 🐻


    1. Definately beautiful but I don’t know about cute. Cute; I usually think cunning. But under the circustances and knowing your standing with you know who I’ll accept it in the way it was meant. Cute XD 😈


    1. That seems to be very true Diane; I meant to add one other photograph; taken in 1978, of two sisters; Sarah with her new born sister Emma, the mother of these two precious jewels. They, and their brother, Nathan Sebastian, are as close,and thick as thieves.


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