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All practices which involve maiming or causing willful suffering to people or animals should be banned. No excuses regarding ‘cultural customs’ (what irony!) should be permitted to have any sway. This is an area where the will of an enlightened minority should, in need, prevail over that of any majority whose views are rooted in cruelty and ignorance.

I have in many posts identified ritual sacrifice, ritual slaughter, trophy hunting, and foxhunting as being some of the practices which have no part in the modern world. Dog fighting should be added to this list.  Ritual or customary mutilation (e.g. cutting of genitalia or foot-binding) should also be banned outright.

Also, bullfighting.


Six years ago, Catalonia was enlightened enough to ban the ‘sport’ in that province of Spain. For those who have only a vague idea of what it entails, bullfighting boils down to tormenting and torturing a bull until it is…

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