Why all the fuss?

Well, I thought I might as well give you a brief rundown, of last Thursdays event.

For those that may have something better to do, than to read my ramblings; or might be a mite curious as to how I went, let me just say it all went rather well, and I thank you for your interest.         :/

And for those who haven’t got much on their plates, too lazy to find something to  do, or may be interested I’ll try not to drag this out too long .         😈

Having only a rough idea, as to where the ordeal was to take place; Susan & Michelle, arranged to meet me out front of the KGV, (King George V not that Russian  mob KGB!) building where Michelle has an office at 15:00 hours, 3pm for the uninitiated, and they would escort me to the Kerry Packer Auditorium.

Maybe they thought I’d take off, in an effort to escape, had I been left to find my own way to this place. Anyway, my wife did the honours, and dropped me off right on time and the ‘girls’ were waiting. No  way out!  

The K.P.A. happens to be situated at the bottom of John Hopkins Drive; yes indeed; that John Hopkins, and much to my surprise, neither Michelle or Susan, had ever heard of that great man.    So on the walk down, I gave them a brief synopsis, of his work.

Let me point out here, I’d never really thought of what I was letting myself in for, I’d imagined a small gathering sort of thing; but then I was taken into this Kerry Packer Auditorium!……  

Enter stage left!

And there were people in those seats, lots of people!

We were now joined by the delightful Helen. My charming hostesses then gave me a program, and whilst the final speakers were doing their stuff; they ran through what was planned for me.  They were being very kind, and considerate, (suppose it’s ‘cos I’m old); instead of my standing at that thingy, you can see in front of the audience, they  had chairs arranged, to the front, and left of the thingy, where we would all sit and then they’d ask me questions in turn regarding my experience with the RPA; the patients journey as it was called in the program.

After all the important stuff, from the ‘Forum’ was finished, Susan got up to introduce me to the mob assembled, as Helen, Michelle and I made ourselves comfortable. 

I really didn’t know what she said; just as I didn’t know what any of the previous speakers had said, as you’ve probably been told a dozen times, or more; I’m very hard of hearing, over 75 % hearing loss at the last test, which was some years ago. I have an hearing aid which I never use; like listening to sounds with your head in a tin can, whilst underwater, not very pleasant.

Susan got a bit of a laugh during the intro, love to know what she said; anyway it seems that the crowd assembled, were in a good mood, and I relaxed, and the three ladies took turns to fire the questions at me; which was fine; as they’d shown me what they were going to ask,  I answered, and as is my wont, kind of wandered a bit off track here and there;  which the audience seemed to enjoy, they laughed at some of my meanderings; I, can’t understand  why. 

The audience must have enjoyed my effort; they certainly gave me a big round of applause after, bigger than the intro.           😀  

Helen then presented me with a lovely book; which you can see me here holding; also a Royal Prince Alfred pin.


It’s  a delightfully small, elegant pin, which Michelle pinned to the collar of my shirt, if you look closely, or click on the picture to make it bigger , you may see it in more detail.

I’m not into pins, and things, but I’m going to wear this one whenever the occassion warrants.

The following morning I received an e-mail from Susan saying I’d been an absolute hit, or something like that, and I’m now enrolled to join Michelle & Susan in some sort of trivia night thing, to raise money for a “Pancreatic Cancer”  awareness program, with which Susan is involved.

I really don’t know how Susan does what she does; as well as being Gods right hand, she’s: Clinical Nurse Consultant, Upper Gastrointestinal Care Coordinator; Chairman Nurses & Midwives Education Committee and finds time to keep an eye on me. A truly amazing young woman who is very dear to me.






23 thoughts on “Why all the fuss?

  1. I’d have guessed you’d be a big hit, even if you hadn’t shared the story here. Judging from the picture, you enjoyed yourself.

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    1. By the way, I like your new color scheme. Gray has always been my favorite neutral.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I’m just following the leader. PiedType 🙄 Definitely better than the brown I had before, think I’ll be staying with this for a while.


    2. Yes I certainly did, I had a jolly time. Thanks PT. XD


  2. I can commiserate about the hearing loss.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and that it was well received.

    Also ditto on getting rid of one of the crappiest themes I had ever seen (not the worst, mind you, but high up there in rank . . . using the appropriate meaning of “rank”).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hearing loss comes in very handy sometimes. XD
      Surpised myself actually having fun and enjoying it all at the same time;
      Haven’t changed the theme just tye colour scheme. I wasn’t sure how to change it before but I got a few clues from PiedType, one very cluey woman, the other colour scheme was the default I think,
      As for rank I don’t know about that, although the colour brown appropriately fits the expression. At least I think it was brown.


  3. Excellent read.
    Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, thank you very much indeed Ira; a celebratory drink might be in order, I haven’t been given my orders for this Sunday coming so perhaps the old Vic is calling; XD


  4. Congratulations, Brian. You look happy enough. (Clicking on the picture doesn’t seem to work)


    1. Thank you Derrick, Yes indeed I was quite pleased with myself; hmmm I don’t know why that is, I wrote that because I’ve noted that you advise your followers to do so on your posts, and assumed that it would apply automatically to mine. Perhaps I’ll just have to enlarge the picture, which will probably drive any future follower away.

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      1. You have to go through a process my daughter explained to me. I’m not competent to pass on the info. 🙂


        1. Derrick,I’ve just changed the way the pictures appear, I don’t think it looks as good as before, however, the clicking does enlarge the picture.

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        2. Not very clear though is it? Bit disappointing really, need some of your talent methinks.

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  5. You’ll be holding your hand up, volunteering for guest appearances, left, right and centre! Well done, you.


    1. Don’t know about that Yvonne, why push a good thing? I’ll just fade out graciously. 🙄 😈

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    2. It is in the gallery. Click on the image to get to that. You can even view it full size if you click on the little box bottom right of that. Then it’s perfect

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      1. Got it! Did it! It worked, trouble is the pin is still not very clear 😦

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  6. Let’s see a photo of your wearing that pin then! Seeing that you’ve inspired us to envy you for it… 🙂


    1. I must admit that it’s not very clear in the photograph so I might attempt taking a photo of this pin and post it seperately just for you XD


  7. Oh look! You have a big smile on your face and you have chubby cheeks, and a nicely chiselled jaw line. I think that’s a fab photo. Clicking on it does take one to the gallery, and after a moment everything comes sharp and clear. I am sure the audience was very appreciative of hearing your experience first hand, and sounds like you did a great job.

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  8. Hi, Brian! I loved this post, including especially the photo of you. You’re so durned handsome and happy I can hardly believe my eyes. 🙂 I wish I’d been there to hear your presentation which, I’m 100% sure, was top-rate because you always tell it like it is. And, I’m guessing from experience, can deal with just about any question put to you without putting people to sleep. What a wonderful experience for you, for Susan and her comrades, and for you.

    Happy Wednesday! Or is it still Tuesday?


  9. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I do like your very humorous style of writing and I can tell you were an absolute hit here. 🙂


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