A good day? In a way. Sad day? kind of…

On ‘Cup Day’, Susan rang from the RPA, with a request, which involved me meeting another young lady, from the RPA,  the following day; of course I said yes.

As you know, Susan always likes to come along to my appointments with Michelle, for a stickybeak, naturally, and she wanted me to meet Helen, after Michelle had finished with me.   

I didn’t  know, and couldn’t imagine what I was letting myself in for. 🙄

Come Wednesday morning, I duly arrived at the appointed time for my weigh-in and meeting with Michelle;


which met with many smiles as I’d put on some weight, not much just 20gms but taking into consideration, I wasn’t wearing my winter woolies, and big heavy jumper, it was more in the order of a kilo plus !           XD

After going through the normal grilling, with a great big smile of satisfaction Michelle exclaimed. “Good, we’re done!” or something along those lines, I was shell shocked! She did not need to see me again, everything was going along so well, and the improvement was so strong and steady, that all I had to do was keep going along the way that I had been, and there’d be no problems.

Frankly I was devastated, I’ve always looked forward to, and enjoyed my sessions with Michelle; and our audience of one, and now it was at an end. I must admit I felt sad.

Then it occurred to me that I am/was not the only person Michelle has to care for, there are many more, coming and going, all the time, and if she thought I was fine, and no longer in need of her help, then so be it.

She had cared for me for the last 16/17 months, whilst in and after my discharge from the RPA. and it would have been the height of selfishness, had I insisted on having our regular session, which I’m sure Michelle would not have denied me. Such is her worth!

It was now time for Susan to bring in Helen, and after introductions, I found out what I’d let myself in for.


It seems I was to be some sort of guest speaker at the end of a three day “Medical & Midwifery” Forum to be held the following Thursday at the Kerry Packer Auditorium, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital! As I’d previously agreed to do something for Susan, and this was it, there was no way out! Is it any wonder she’s got such a great big grin all over her face?->->->->->

Never in my whole life, and we all know how long that’s been, have I ever had to address an audience, let alone one with perhaps 80 or so people in attendance. But it was so; and Helen had the program/booklet thingy ordered with me listed for the last day, and the last speaker before the  “Awards Ceremony” began, (at which all would be in attendance) as:

 “Special Presentation – Mr. Brian Smith – A Patients Journey”

I was snookered!


Perhaps I’ll do a small follow up post for the amusement of some & the horror of others. 😈





14 thoughts on “A good day? In a way. Sad day? kind of…

  1. You have my deepest sympathy. I’d do just about anything to get out of speaking to an audience (defined as any group of more than 5 people, and then only if the 5 are family). I barely surivived a required speech class in college, where I had to speak several times to my 15-20 classmates.


    1. Actually it went quite well, I’ll do a small follow up later. Unlike you I never, ever, had to address my classmates, but I have no doubt in my mind that I’d have had the same feelings as you had..
      I don’t know where my daughter Emma (Ruby’s mum) got it from, as child and young woman she was somewhat shy; in all things, but she led her high school debating team, was appointed school vice-captain; (she’d have been captain except the principal and the girl appointed as captains parents were great friends) and when the time arose she would appear on stage in front of several hundred, not bat an eyelid, and address the huge audience. The school captain was too shy to go on stage, to Emma’s delight. She loved it. As I say I don’t know where she got it certainly not her parents.

      I’m saying school actually it was a private college with a very large enrollment.


      1. I’m envious. I never ran for a school office because I’d have had to make a speech before hundreds of schoolmates.


        1. There’s no choice here, the students are appointed by the principles and teachers to the captaincy etc, Emma was the captain in her last year at primary school, she’s always been very popular; I suppose because she’s never been ‘pushie’. Was a good baseball player too. in an all boy team would you believe :D,


  2. They say it’s easier if you imagine everyone in their underwear . . . I say do them one better!

    . . . show up pantless . . .


    1. They’d have shoved me in a circus! 🐻


  3. There seems to be a glitch in your posts…….or….er……am I misreading it. Have you been asked to speak on Midwifery.
    Is this from personal experience?


    1. My Susan is the chairman of the Nurses and Midwives Education Committee, as well as Gods right hand (wo)man, and as such was responsible for pulling me into this Forum.She actually terms herself as Chair Nurses and Midwives Education Committee, but she’s certainly not one of those; chair that is. Why do people persist in saying chair instead of chairman?, are women not part of mankind?
      And no for the rest of it 😀


  4. Beyond scary, Brian. I do hope it goes well


    1. It did go well, thanks Derrick, I might do a follow up post in the next day or two or three…. 🙄

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  5. Neill Francis 13/11/2016 — 06:55

    congratulations, that you are progressing so well that you won’t be required to go for anymore check-ups/reviews at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.
    I’m glad, that you have agreed to speak at the medical conference. You have been volunteering to do things for your community for years, this won’t be any different. Don’t worry you will do well. Your talk on your “journey” is already written in these blogs you have been sending us since before your operation, just go through them and put something together. It will be a great opportunity for you to do something for all those at RPA, who have been so skilled with your care in recent months. I suspect many people attending will want to speak to you one-on-one, after you have delivered your talk.
    We must get together with the Polish Princess for a Christmas drink, down at the “Old Vic”, in the next few weeks.
    I wish you all the very best with your talk.


    1. A couple of trips to the Old Vic more like it Neill, perhaps next Sunday if you and the PP can fit it in, 😀


  6. Sounds as if the talk has already taken place and it went well? Now you have overcome that initial fear you may get addicted to public speaking. Like your daughter, I, too, was on the debating team in high school and I think it was great preparation. Served me well in the workplace for all those presentations and so on.


    1. Yes,yes, and Yes 😀 I surprised myself Gwen. A jolly time was had by all. 😛

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