Really Awful Trumped-up Charges.

Brilliant! Sums up what probably, the rest of the thinking world thinks and feel!

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One simply can’t conceive
That dumpy Donald Trump
The Democrats relieve
By licking Hil the Frump. 

The pollsters in their hordes,
With many sad laments,
Are falling on their swords …
Or say, ‘Not what I meant!’ 

Hil had it in the bag,
Or so one would have thought,
But she then rode a nag
That faltered; came to naught. 

While Donny did a sprint
To sneak up from behind;
No-one in Guvver-mint
More sneakier you’ll find. 

So Merry Cans end up
With what they’ve asked for, now,
But they have bought a pup
They will not want, and how! 

If those two are the best
The US(eless?)A can do,
I’d hate to see the rest;
They cannot have a clue!

This new election race
Had quite a heavy cost:
Whichever party won,
The public would have lost.

© November 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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4 thoughts on “Really Awful Trumped-up Charges.

  1. We in the US can do a lot better, but our best and brightest know better than to wade into the cesspool called politics.

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    1. I believe you PT it’s just such a pity that their voices don’t seem to be loud enough. 😦


  2. I agree with you, Lord, that post is fantastic.


    1. Quite brilliant really I think, glad I posted it, hope yu’ve re blogged it to for your readers /followers. I think this needs widely circulating.


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