Yellow ‘Wellies’

A few days ago I published a post “The Intrepid Traveller”, well, she got to see the penguins at  Phillip Island in Victoria, though, as was to be expected, the weather in Victoria  at the time was atrocious!

Unfortunately,  Poppy May,  the ‘Travellers’ baby sister, was unable to make the trip down the coast, as she’d picked up some bug, that landed her on the too sick to go anywhere list.

Naturally, this meant that Mummy Emma didn’t get down to see them either. Although she did see them some 30 years ago when my wife and I took our three ‘billies’ on holidays to sunny Victoria. I’m sure that Emma is sorry to have missed out, but don’t doubt that they’ll go back again, sometime sooner, rather than later.

You might recall my mentioning Ruby and her Wellington Boots, so…………. XD


Its still a novelty for Sydneysiders to ride the trams in Melbourne, but not for long. They’re coming back to Sydney and once again the expression “Shoot through like a Bondi tram” will take on some meaning!

Note the boots,  on the ‘Traveller’ . 😛

The next picture seems to have been taken in one of Melbournes inner nor’western suburbs; Fitzroy seems to come to mind. What they were doing there is beyond my ken; perhaps they were lost, however the yellow wellies shine on!

Lost in Melbourne? Could be!


You may notice, on closer examination, that Ruby’s mummys face seems to be blurred; well that’s because it it!

Mummy and Daddy aka Emma & Luke, have a thing about the Internet and nowhere can be found pictures of either of them. Smart people, not like the old man.  


For some unknown reason, it seems that the next step or was it the previous? No matter was a trip to the seaside/beach; well bayside actually. Melbourne being ensconsed on the shores of Port Phillip Bay it’s a bit of a stretch really referring to it as ‘seaside/beach’, not what one really expects in Australia; if that doesn’t get a few bites from a Yarra yabby I don’t know what will!        img_6496

I suspect that this was taken at St Kilda. 👿 By the bye please note the footwear 🙂

As you know the short holiday in Victoria was to go and see the penguin parade. Ruby and daddy had to go alone which dampened Ruby’s enthusiasm a little as the next picture will attest.9k

Not a very clear picture as you see but enough to show a glum Ruby, not our usual smiling girl 😦

The picture appears to have been taken a few hours before the parade, which happens quite late in the evening, especially for one so young, it seems an eternity. 🙄 However, time was well spent in collecting some souvenirs. I’m sure there’s a penguins head sticking out from that bag.

There was a second trip to the penguins and a happier mood is evident in this pic;

by now there should be no need to point out the obvious.img_0414_resized



The short vacation to Victoria is now over and Ruby and Poppy May and Mummy & Daddy are back home; but not for long; for on Wednesday it’s off to sunny Queensland, where the winter woollies will not be needed but the wellies will.

Bank on it! 🙄


19 thoughts on “Yellow ‘Wellies’

  1. Interesting that mom and dad blur their own faces but not their daughter’s, when the big problem on the internet is children’s pictures being posted. I’ve written several times about why people should never post their children’s pictures on the internet! But it’s become quite apparent that I’m one of only a few voices crying in the wilderness about protecting one’s privacy on the internet.


    1. Hello Anonymous, I have no idea who you are so perhaps you’ll identify yourself, so that I can give your comment my attention.


    2. It would be exceedingly difficult to trace or track down these children. They are guarded night and day, they are never without one of their parents, and I have no doubt that as soon as they approach their final appearances I shall be asked to put no furthr pictures of the children on this site. My daughter and her husbands would not be so very difficult to find,
      I agree with what you say about privacy, however, I do feel that if you are visiting a site and wish to make a comment, and have it heard, you could at least have the openess of identifying yourself to the owner of the website, via an email at least, to the email address on the site!


  2. There is something quite magical about Yelllow Gumboots.


    1. …………and my Ruby 🙂


  3. Wellie good fun – lovely little girl


    1. Yes indeed, an absolute joy, and her sister will be equally as lovely. Thank you Derrick 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re a bit fond of her then. Heh.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “The Girl with the Yellow Gumboots!” You should publish a book. Great post Your Worship.


    1. I’ve been told that before John, however, I would not know where to start. and have not the slightest idea what I’d write about.thank you for the compliment always appreciated. 🙂


      1. Ok, Here’s an idea. Make it a picture book. e.g. “We went to see the Penguins” Then pictures of Getting ready and putting on Coat and Yellow Gumboots. Then getting in the car/bus/train/tram with feet up on back seat in front of her with Yellow Gumboots, and after that, your holiness you have to think for yourself. But if you have all the photos on a USB stick you can send it to China and they will turn it into a book very cheaply. I can give you details if you wish.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Forgive the tardiness John, I’ve been feeling a bit unwell of late and have looked at my page but little; a picture book would probably be delightful, but by using photographs, I think it would make it a personal thing, of interest to nobody but family.
          However, could I have pencil drawings in pastel colours done I think it would be quite a charming little book, that perhaps little girls and their mothers might well and truly enjoy.
          But being completely incompetent when it comes to drawing anything at all, and knowing of nobody who could do what I picture, I suppose it will all come to nothing. 😦
          Thank you for the interest and suggestions I really appreciate both. 🙂


  6. You’ll miss them. Did Ruby have tantrums when it came time to take off the boots at night, or did she sleep in them?


    1. No, she never throws tantrums, pouts at times which is more effective. No problems with the boots either, a beautiful well adjusted child. As I tell her mother , my Emma, you’ve done a good job raising her.


      1. *gloomily* Sounds too good to be true. She is probably going to be the teenager from Hell.


        1. I shall never know unfortunately, she’s but 3 and I’m 82; but somehow I don’t think so, she’s much like her mother and she was always a role model for all her school chums, and still is. I’ve been very lucky. 😀


  7. Ruby already knows how to make a fashion statement with can’t-miss color! Very nice, indeed, Brian. Did I ever tell you my sister Diane’s first name was Ruby? Named after an old friend of my mother’s. She didn’t go by Ruby, though, because it wasn’t the era of unusual names. Diane is the sister who had polio and ALS. Made her own bright mark while she was with us! Your Ruby definitely has the potential to shine–as she already does. I think she makes you shine, too. Thanks for the link!


  8. Glad you enjoyed it.I thought that Ruby was an odd sort of name when I was first told that Emma was going to name her first child that; but I must admit I came to like it and it suits Ruby to a T.
    I was more fortunate than your sister. I had polio as a child and made a complete recovery; apparently I was a carrier of that disease and I was left with no disability what soever
    A few weeks ago when she along with my wife and daughter Sarah her mummy daddy and sister all went up to Queensland to celebrate Sarahs 40th, I stayed home.
    Emma sent me a text video thingy with Ruby walking along with a stick which she was using as a walking stick, pretending to be her bampa ( She calls me bampa not grandpa) and when Emma asked her what she was doing she said that she missed her bampa


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