The Intrepid Traveller

 Our “Intrepid Traveller” is off to see the ‘Penguin Parade’ at Phillip Island in Victoria;

My delightful grandaughter Ruby is off to Victoria with her mummy, daddy and baby sister Poppy May to see the penguins.

As you can see she’s prepared for the sand & sea, in her beautiful yellow Wellington boots, which she wears constantly. XD


Image result for penguin parade phillip island
The Pengun Parade at Phillip Island, Victoria.

16 thoughts on “The Intrepid Traveller

  1. She’s adorable! It’s going to be cuteness overload with both her and the penguins.

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    1. Well I know her grandpa adores her, XD

      Whenever I look at her, which is not often enough, she always puts me in mind of Katie Hepburn, the greatest of all in MNSHO, I think it’s the hair;


  2. She’s a little treasure, Beari, I know she’ll enjoy those adorable penguins.


    1. She certainly is GP Thank you XD

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  3. Penguins are lovely, and granddaughter is, as you say, adorable!


    1. The Fairy Penguins are particularly delightful; I remember when I saw them for the first time, we were allowed to be on the beach and have them running/waddling past us to get to their nest’s. Those days are long gone and you’ll no doubt know why. 🙂

      She really is adorable and I’m not just saying that as her grandpa, she is one out of the box XD

      Thank you Diane 🙂


  4. I adore her flouncy hair and the charming penguins which await her.

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    1. The hair really gets me; it’s always been like that since she was a very tiny baby, I’ve never seen anythig quite like it; I’m sure the penguins will find her equally as charming XD


      1. They’ve no choice.

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  5. Now that sounds a lot like a Grandfather.


  6. Surely you’re not suggesting prejudice 😆

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  7. Gotta adore her … and them!


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