A treasure-chest of memories in one photo

This is a lovely post I thought I’d share it with those of you who don’t follow this fellow blgger

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Aunt Nell and one of my younger twin cousins (I don't know which!). Aunt Nell and one (I don’t know which!) of my younger twin cousins.

The theme of Nostalgia given in the latest Photo Challenge made me think of a photo I found the other day in an old, battered bible which had belonged to my mother.  My scanner won’t talk to the computer at present, so the only way I could reproduce it was by taking another photo of that tiny print.

The picture shows my Aunt Nell (actual first names Helen Kate Winton), who endeared herself to myself and a number of my cousins by being a wise and unfailingly entertaining second mother to us. I wish I had another photo I once saw of her as a young girl — long-haired and stunningly good-looking, but with a sort of wild independence about her.  I was hardly surprised she had been known as a tomboy, and had outdone the boys in almost everything one…

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15 thoughts on “A treasure-chest of memories in one photo

  1. Thank you for the reblog. It is, I hope, an indication that I have done this set of valued recollections some justice.


    1. Pity there aren’t more posts like this, made me feel good 🙂


  2. what lovely memories old photos recall.


    1. Yes they certainly do Ira. and it was a gentle make you feel good post.


  3. Just a few days ago I was at my brother’s house and he had a picture of our parents that I’d never seen before. It was just a black and white snapshot, obviously taken within a few years of their marriage. Early 1930s. What a handsome couple they were! My sister was there too and we had a great time commenting on the hair and hairstyles, the clothes, etc.


    1. It’s great to be able to do that, my sister, the only one of my blood left, has just arrived back in Australia from living in France, however she lives in Victoria some 1000km from me and we never get to meet. It must be 25 or so years since we were together; when my daughter from the first marriage got married.
      I have some photos of my mother and her sister taken in the 1920’s when they were dressed to the nines as flappers; with this nostalgia thing started by the colonialist I might just do a blog and put those pics up; make a change from all the gloom & doom that’s with us these days!


      1. That would be most welcome. Wish I’d thought to take a pic of the pic my brother has. Then I could add to the nostalgia.


        1. Surely it’s not too late PT, why not ask you brother to send you a copy?


        2. Good idea. I’ll have to remember to do that.

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      2. Yes. Love to see them.


  4. Oh that we could all grow up with an Aunt Nell.


    1. That would have been delightful, no doubt about that; lucky man to have such memories.


  5. For you I recommend a particular digital camera. The Sony RX100 IV. It would help you out when it comes to wishing for nostalgia for your offspring.


    1. I have a Sanyo digital camera which I rarely/barely use. I’ve never really been that keen a photographer; yet I do admire the work of those that are and especially those proficient at the art.


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