10 thoughts on “Not so ‘Useless”

  1. You are celebrating Spring, and we are welcoming Fall. We really are on opposite sides of the world! Until I started this blog, I was quite unaware of your continent. Viva La Internet!


    1. I find it hard to believe that you were unaware of Australia, the Island Continent of the Antipodes. It’s recognized world wide as the known centre of the universe XD


  2. I’ll never get over how weird it is that you’re welcoming spring while I’m sitting here planning a fall foliage tour. I understand how it happens but it’s just … strange. Still, it’s the two best seasons of the year. Enjoy!


    1. You’d find it more odd if you were to come here for a Christmas / New Year celebration; usually nice and hot, the beaches are swarming and BBQ’s are the order of the days;
      Must admit that even after 65 years in Australia I still miss the hot Christmas dinner with all the trimmings; and the roasted chestnuts after from the roaring fire and the singsongs.

      Strange as it may seem there are many Austraians who actually celebrate Christmas in June or July, one or the other, so that they can have all those old world festivities in the middle of winter. They toddle off to the high country where they get some snow, I much prefer to be warm these days.


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