Wednesdays child :)

When it comes to the old adage that “Wednesdays child is full of woe” I must admit that I, by and large, missed out. Being a Wednesday child the little woe that I’ve probably experienced is/was more than likely of my own making; and obviously so little I can’t pinpoint any!

More likely the expression applied to me should be something along the lines of  ” Wednesdays child is full of whoa!”. Strangely, each of the four big operations that I’ve had in the past ten years, were performed on a Wednesday. Things seem to happen on Wednesdays for me. The last post I did had it’s climax, for want of a better word,on a Wednesday!

Those familiar with my ramblings, might recall that in our household, my wife handles the outside, and I handle the cooking.

I rather enjoy chicken pie; now Kerry doesn’t, she reckons they’re tasteless and uninteresting; how she came to these conclusions is beyond me, as I’ve never made one in the 40 years+ I’ve been her personal cook!

At the mere mention of my making a chicken pie I’m sternly advised “No way!”; consequently, I haven’t had one for many, many years, unless you can seriously call a chicken pie purchased from a pâtisserie one, which I can’t and don’t!

Now what’s this got to do with Wednesdays, some may be thinking. 

Last Wednesday week,Kerry asked me what we were having for dinner that night and I said out of the blue “Chicken & Leek Pie”; not at that time having given any thought to what I’d be cooking. I’m a masochist, and waited for a second for the explosion, instead of which I got “Okay; that’ll make a change!”

After rising from the floor, regaining my composure, and humbly asking if I’d heard correctly to be assured that I had; I set about in great jubilation, preparing and cooking, a chicken pie.

Chicken & Leek Pie

As you can see from the pic to the right it turned out well, and the date?

 07/09/2016 The 7th day of September 2016; not to be confused with July the 9th day  2016 as is written by some amongst us for reasons hopefully best known to themselves 😈

The verdict from my wife?


24 thoughts on “Wednesdays child :)

  1. “Full of whoa!” LOL. Sounds like the Aussie I know. Your chicken pie looks divine. Mmmm. I was going to say “delicious” but your wife beat me to it.


    1. It was quite nice, I did compromise by using the breasts rather than the thighs, but the boss doesn’t like those so I wasn’t about to push my luck; but next time; if there is one….. 👿 then I’ll have a chicken pie par excellence 😛


  2. I used to bake a mean pie, but I’ve never topped that one! Looks wonderful!


    1. The proof is in the eating and I must admit it passed the test 😀


  3. Brian,
    I wouldn’t have minded a large slice of that pie myself.


    1. Thought you were on a diet? aren’t you supposed to be losing weight? Actually there was enough for 4 adults plus me, I just have a small serve.


    1. It was :D, Thanks for dropping by Derrick 🙂

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  4. Whoa! That looks divine! My husband also does the majority of the cooking, but I wouldn’t dare tell him what not to cook – apart from liver- which is not really food anyway. I just eat what he puts in front of me. He has never attempted a pie though. You were able to digest the pastry okay?


    1. Liver is very good for you; we both enjoy liver and bacon and the gravy is divine; haven’t had any for a while have to give it a burl. Perhaps if you were to go back to calling it what the ustralian always used to might help you stomach it better; something I don’t have to worry about. LAMBS FRY! how and why did it ever get called that?

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      1. I have no idea how the name originated, but a “rose by any other name would stink as bad”, in my opinion. I think offal is awful. Cannot stand the texture for a start. And I can spot any attempt to disguise kidney in a steak pie from a couple of feet away. My iron content is too high anyway, so I’ll continue to pass on the liver. But please, do continue to enjoy. There’s nowt so queer as folk, and its horses for courses – to completely mix my phrases.


        1. Steak & Kidney Pud! ahhh… Ambrosia for the Gods; how I wish I could make it. I have no trouble making the S&K pie, but the S&K pud is sadly beyond me.
          The last time I had a steak & kidney pud was Nov 2005, we were walking towards Nelsons column and I spied this pub with a lunch menu outside and top billing? 😀 You guessed it! And the proof this time is not in the pudding but ;

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        2. Well, you were enjoying THAT. But weren’t you supposed to be drinking a cup of tea with it? At least, that’s what the sign reads.


        3. I certainly was Gwen, it’s probably the last S&K pud that I’ll ever have. As for the Brooke Bonds Divivdend Tea my mother lived on it, right up until we left England for Australia in Feb of ’51 she would “swap” our family food ration;( yes we were still being rationed then) of butter for another woman up the roads, tea ration. I cannot remember eating butter intil I arrived in Melbourne in April of ’51. Now I put it on a slice of bread with a thickness that resembles cheese for some reason. Probably because it’s so thick, just love the stuff.:D 😀 😛

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        4. And a thick slice of butter on fresh white bread is divine if you top it with Vegemite – your all time favourite Australian food. BTW, have you ever read 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff? She was an American who sent food parcels to her English “friend” for years after the war (that’s not the point of the story though).


        5. I’ve given up Vegemite, I’m sending all mine to disperser in an effort to wean him off of “SPAM”, (I wonder what spam is an acronym for, the ‘s’ is probably easy to figure).
          And yes I have a copy of Helen Hanff’s little work; It’s a beautiful, favourite, read of mine 🙂

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        6. Now, now – it probably starts with spiced . . . maybe spiced processed ham? And Disperser does not strike me as the kind of man who tastes are easily swayed. I read Helene’s sequel too. Charming little books.


        7. I didn’t know there was a second. I agree about disperser, think he was bred from a mule XD
          By the bye I’ll be sticking to the premium, they’ve told me that I’d lose the palette and my blogs would get the standard colours, I rather like my colour set-up; and I can chop and change through an extensive range of colours if I wish. But I think it’s a bit rich 😦

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        8. Check out “The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street” (1973) – she (Helene Hanff) finally gets to England. I have the premium, just trying to get a better grip on customising now. Wish me luck.


      2. You’ve reminded me I haven’t had liver in a very long time. I like it fried, with equal parts of bacon and onions. One could just as easily call it bacon with liver and onions. Yummy, regardless.


        1. Now that’s a meal to die for, I must admit that we do enjoy that now and then, and the gravy made from the pan juices? Sublime! 😀 😛


  5. Well, this is what came up instead of lasagna! I must say the chicken and leek pie looks fabulous. Enjoyed reading all the comments, too. You will note from my blog that I habitually use 12 Aug 2017 (etc). Have done for years. Back to the comments….Sadly, liver is one of my two most disliked foods (okra being the other)! We had it a lot when I was growing up. It was cheap, easy to prepare, and supposedly conferred multiple health benefits. As for Spam, we ate a lot of that, too. Sliced and fried in a pan til it was all crispy on the outside. I actually liked it, even though it’s loaded with Salt. 🙂

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  6. Rats! you never said this was about lasagna… 😦 Sorry. I did enjoy the post very much. You and the WO/Kerry have a great arrangement, I’d say. And you seem to roll with the punches, too. Especially on Wednesdays. 🙂

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