It’s a bit of a worry….

A week or so ago I received mail from what was once known as the RTA, but has since been given a new designation, RMS; which has confused me somewhat!

The RTA was the mob responsible for the Road Traffic, driving licences, motor vehicle registration whatever; but the clowns in Macquarie Street saw fit to amalgamate the Maritime Services Board with the Road Traffic Authority. Obviously they are thinking ahead to the next round of flooding in New South Wales!

But I digress, politicians have the knack of doing that to me, digressing that is; the letter I received was to advise me that it was time to renew my “Disability  Parking Permit”; I must admit that it is a great boon and privilege. I’ve had this good fortune since 2011, after I’d  had the stroke; slight though it was, a stroke nevertheless.

So as per normal when I have business with the RTA/RMS ( British Merchant Ships were called RMS, probably still are – Royal Mail Ship) I went to their Manly office. They have got offices closer but it’s always been a pleasure doing business at the Manly branch. 

Some may find it hard to believe, others impossible, for a government office/department to be a pleasure to deal with, but there’s an exception to every rule and Manly RTA is it! The staff are fast efficient and friendly; there’s no messing about there’s no fuss or flurry it’s just head’s down/ bums up, they are terrific! XD

It’s not something new; they’ve been like this for the past 30-40 years that I know of! 

Anyway we went over on Wednesday morning to the Northern Beaches, we had other things to do, and when I dropped into their office there was a crowd of perhaps 15/20 so I took a ticket (#C0006 – licence to kill) and took a seat; it was just after 10 am, Kerry had an appointment with her dentist about 15 minutes away so I was told to wait no longer than 10:30.

My number came up shortly after 10:20, and I presented myself and my completed form from my doctor, the young bloke took my old “Permit” asked me to take a seat so he could take my picture for the new one, instructed me not to smile or grin, so I sat there like a stunned mullet, he called out okay, take a seat for a few minutes while the thing was being processed.

Four or five minues later, all done I’m out of there! And here it is a pic of my “Permit”CCF20082016_00000

See what I mean about stunned mullet. Why do they do this to us?  

But to get back to the heading ‘It’s a bit of a worry….” You may note, under that gaunt, haunted face staring out at you, the date, 02 SEP 2021 (for my American chums thats SEP 02 2021) my worry is what is the penalty if I don’t see out the time and who is responsible?

For those wondering what the plant is that brightens up the thing it’s the Waratah the floral emblem of New South Wales;

The Waratah (Telopea speciosissima) is the floral emblem of New South Wales, a large (10-12cm across) and spectacular scarlet flower growing in the bush in clumps of tall stems. The Waratah is protected by law.

35 thoughts on “It’s a bit of a worry….

  1. I think they, like the DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) here, want that stunned look so it will match what the officer sees when he stops us and asks for ID.


    1. Never a stunned look at the Manly RTA, PT they are always the same I actually look forward to going there whenever necessary and never delay the pleasure. Strange is it not?


  2. And it’s a beauty, too! Similar to but more alluring than the protea.

    Also: what Lucky Few said up there. I intend to be typing in your direction in the year 2022. 2023 even.


        1. Trouble is I don’t have anywhere to put them, Everything I have, where possible, is full fat and my pig pills are supposed to extract it and shove it where it’s most needed.


        2. Forgive me my patronizing insolence…you’re bloody OLD, sometimes the old(est?) amongst us are meant to be skinny, no? Has a doctor inspired this worry in you?, I truly wonder this.


        3. I was quite large until June last year when God aka Doctor Sandroussi removed my stomach apparently cancer was enjoying a good meal of it and he thought it was a good idea. Since then my weight has gone from 88kg to 64/65 kg. We wern’t acquainted back then the following link might explain a bit, there are a few other posts of later dates that goes into it one even has pictures XD

 and this one has pictures 🙂


  3. To wait only 20 minutes to be attended by a government official, is a miracle indeed, and unprecedented, I’d say.


    1. I always think it’s worth the drive there Ira. When I lived in Newport my nearest was at Warriewood just 10/15 minutes away, I went once, waited well over half an hour and still no movement so I got back into the car went to Manly , close on 20 km away and I was finished there in less than 10 minutes. Now I drive the 30+Km and still reckon I save time even though my nearest now is just down the road in Marrickville.


  4. Last time I renewed my driver’s licence, RMS took the photo twice. I think the first one was too good. She re-arranged the camera so that the second was a lousy angle and over-exposed. I think they get paid a bonus to make us all look like criminals. It’s great though that you have their official permission to live another five years. Bit like getting a stamp from Big Brother. For me, the “bit of a worry” is when the State Government invested squillions in redesigning our logo, and now all the Waratahs look like an Asian Water Lily. Perhaps the Mobility Parking licence escaped the carnage. It looks okay in that screen shot.


    1. Obviously you need to move to the Northern Beaches or take a drive up to Manly whenever you have to avail yourself of their sevices. I think getting rid of the state governments and have local govts instead is the way to go, we can keep the states and keep our wattle, platypus & kookaburra emblems, I’ll be fine with that. XD

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      1. I am absolutely with you. We are so over-governed, but when you analyse which level should go, it keeps pointing to the State. We need the over-arching reach of Federal to make legislation and represent the nation; but we need local to ensure things happen at grass-roots level. As you say, we can retain our state borders, we just don’t need the rules and regulations to change each time you crossover.


        1. Bit too late for me to run for PM now I suppose 😦 Perhaps I should try for Dictator, my mother used to call me little Hitler at times when she was mad at me, which was often XD

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        2. My brother has long held plans to be a benevolent dictator. His latest idea for a party name is: Revolting People’s Liberation Army Federal Democratic Republic of Australasia and its Territories. You could be its second member? Of course, dictators are selective about who they have as members, if you get my drift.


        3. On these pages Mr trump,along with several others, do not receive the dignity of having the first letter of their name/s capitalized! It’s a thing I have; others include rupert murdock, gina rhinehart et al; you get the drift? XD

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  5. Not in our wildest dreams do we get that kind of service here from any office connected with officialdom. Come to think of it, from just about anyone at all.


    1. This place has always been the same as far as I know, I’ve been going there for more than 40 years and not once have I had anything to complain about. I once wrote to the head office of the RTA and told them what a great place it was and, a lady from the Manly office rang me to thank me and she sounded as if she was in tears,apparently it was the first and only time that anyone had taken the trouble to acknowledge them to their bosses.

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  6. 1. They make you look as much like a completely dead mullet because otherwise some Mr Plod would question your entitlement to the permit.
    2. RTA in Ballarat is also fantastically efficient but the best result I ever got was when he girl behind the counter recognised me from when she was in my Yr 10 History class.


    1. Welcome back.
      At the Manly office they make you feel as if you’re of some importance.
      That must really have given you a big kick being recognized, how many years had elapsed since you taught her in year 10?


        1. WEll you must certainly have made an impression on her young mind, I trust she was just paying her way through Uni by working for the RTA whilst study for her PhD in History

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