Totally Gobsmacked!

 I really didn’t intend to get involved but just can’t help myself 😦

The other evening, actually it was late last week, Friday I think it was; I decided that I’d watch a bit of news on the TV. I’d kind of made up my mind that I wouldn’t do this for the next couple of weeks, and you can guess why. As usual I succumbed and switched on the tele and switched off my brain o_O

It seems that the USA have two types of competitors, the vast majority come under the heading  Team  USA, which seems reasonable enough. Those part of Team USA, are, as far as I can ascertain, staying in what is generally called “The Olympic Village”.

The ‘Village’ in Rio de Janeiro bears little resemblence to a village as such, but looks pleasant enough from the pictures I found on Google, as the pic below centre suggests.Rio OV

The other team is referred to as “The DreamTeam” for some reason or other that I haven’t bothered with, after what followed in the news. Seems that this team do not reside/stay with Team USA in the ‘Village’; I was not enlightened as to why but I assume that it would be beneath them to go “slumming” in an Olympic Village with the riff-raff.

We/I was informed that all the members of this dreamteam are multi-millionaires. Google search tells me that there are some approaching billionaire status. Obviously then they need accommodation befitting their rank. Naturally in a place like Rio what is better than staying aboard a luxury liner? 

Silver Cloud

Their own luxury liner that’s what! And not one of those ugly great monstrosities that pass as luxury liners these days, no way; a much smaller more exclusive ugly monstrosity, a mere 196 cabin  ship, all to themselves.

How; perhaps more importantly why, have the Olympic Games been allowed to sink so far? Why do the IOC allow this to happen? It’s all about money!

Frankly I’m sick of all the hype and hypocrisy that is the Olympic Games, if ‘sportsmen/women’ want to take part then they should all expect to be treated equally.

Perhaps the ‘Nightmare Team’ would be more fitting name for this group of men. Surely there are many Americans who are ashamed and embarrassed at the temerity of the “DreamTeam” ; I truly hope there are;  even just a few will do. 😦

15 thoughts on “Totally Gobsmacked!

  1. Well, the best thing would be if, like me, everyone would completely ignore these athletes. In fact, I did not know about this until you wrote this post and now, rather than succumb to the desire to read more about it, I will put it from my brain. Also, I will not succumb to buying any merchandize branded with any one athlete. Also, I will specifically avoid brands who employ said athletes in their advertising.

    That last will be the toughest thing to do because I won’t know who they are and I can’t very well research the person endorsing something because that would violate my determination to not look these people up . . . Better to not buy any brand name anything.


    1. I do believe that Lance Armstrong has signed up to do the “Spam” ads,

      I only came across it by accident and then I got grumpy and had to shove my two bobs worth in !

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      1. Good one, but it won’t work . . . My love of Spam precedes Lance’s involvement.


    2. I’m with you!


  2. Unfortunately, the ‘we are too important to talk to anyone else’ team have really spoilt it for those young kids from deprived backgrounds and tiny nations who have struggled and overcome a lot to compete. Somehow there needs to be a complete re-writing of the Olympic ideal and perhaps redefine the words professional’ and ‘amateur’.


    1. You’ve hit the nail slap bang on the head. and said what I intended to convey but failed to do most miserably 😦

      Thank you John XD

      You put it all so succinctly too.


  3. I forgot how it was that paid professionals were allowed to compete in the Olympics.


    1. It happened after Avery Brundage stopped as the boss of the IOC, he was what was called a zealous advocate of amateurism.

      A Yank from Detroit was Avery XD


      1. The subsequent boss was an advocate of profe$$ionalism?


        1. Apparently so, they were certainly pleased to see the back of him. They, the members of the IOC, now enjoy a very nice life; thank you very much, at the expense of the people, parasites all, yet they like to parade themselves as great sports people ,humananists all the while living high on the hog.


        2. Don’t they like to do that, though? The word hypocrites isn’t strong enough to describe them.


        3. True, but as I don’t like to use expletives I’m afraid that hypocrites is the strongest word that I can come up with at the present time. 😦


  4. One would hope that none of these conceited snobs actually achieve anything – and for them, it is only a dream.


    1. I’ll not be following them, or anyone else either, as I have no interest in a meaningless sporting event.

      I did enjoy seeing the Yankees come back from 1-4 to beat the Red Sox 9 -4, last night, even though they’re mostly overpaid sportsmen, there’s not the air of obscenity about Baseball there is the dreamteam in my not so humble opinion XD o_O

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