Something nice for a change!

This bloke rescues our native fauna, read the story at this link:

45 Comments on “Something nice for a change!

  1. Ooo, that’s absolutely adorable. I’ve never seen that much personality displayed by a kangaroo — not that I’ve seen all that many kangaroos in my life. So glad someone is taking care of the orphans.


  2. Aw – the poor fella is an orphan again. It’s fantastic there is a sanctuary for kangaroos though, glad to hear that!!


    • there are probaby twice as many ‘roo’s in Australia as people; but as you say it’s nice having a sanctuary for them somewhere, there are not too many of them believe me, as in the bush they are considered more of a pest than anything else. This one in the clip probably lost it’s mother to “road kill”; the kangaroos have a penchant for going to the roadside in the outback, usually looking for water and if they spot a vehicle coming towards them they watch it unblinkingly right up until the last minute then for reasons unknown jump right in front of the vehicle. I’ve had personal experience of this and it’s quite frightening, it also ruined my vehicle and left me stranded a couple of hundred miles from the nearest town.


      • I understand your inconvenience, but as I try to tell people here (as they cram into every available space), the animals were here first, it was their home we humans invaded.
        Here in So. Fla. now, I rarely see wildlife – gone by the way of human encroachment.


        • We have space to spare GP. I think the problem is that with European settlemnt on this dry arid continent, the eventual farming building of dams to store water, the ‘roos woke up to the idea that though humans are not the nicest creatures on the earth, they were a goodly supply of food & water and it encouraged their procreation. Trouble is they didn’t realize that we’re pretty dangerous especially when we’re careless.

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  3. I’m not prone to anthropomorphizing animal behavior . . . why I noticed the bucket of what I presume is food.

    That said, cute video. A welcome change from the many depressing clips floating around the web these days.

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    • I knew I could rely upon you; a comment without any unnecessary sentiment there’s hope for the world 👿 I don’t know how I forgot to mention the bucket of spam to which the kangaroos are addicted; but then again they’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer 😈


    • Well, I could have been cynical and guessed that the bucket contained the ‘roo’s sibling the nasty man was trying to remove and sell to the glue farm. I was charitable in assuming food. I doubt he carried Spam. I don’t think Australia has reached that pinnacle of sophistication.


      • Actually I did espy some Canned stuff labelled “Spam” in the local supermarket, I resisted the temptation; if I remember next time I go I’ll take my Samsung phone thingy and take a picture of it plus the ingredients for comparisons sake. That’s of course if the can hasn’t been sold to a collector of WWII memorabilia,better take a cloth to wipe the dust off first I suppose;

        who was it said “life wasn’t meant to be easy”?

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        • Stop it! . . . you’re making me hungry for Spam.

          . . . will probably be buying the pack of eight 12-oz cans of Spam next time I stop at Costco. That should last me a week or so.


        • Your stomach will finish up the same way as mine, which will be fun really I’ll have another sufferer to commiserate with; .
          I just had a thought; did you not once tell me that you are of Italian descent, nobility no less, and here you are eating …. : some of the best if not the best food I’ve eaten in my travels was in Italy!


        • Did you eat a lot of Spam back in the day? If not, I don’t think I’m in any danger . . . in fact, with all the preservatives in Spam, my stomach will likely outlive me.

          As far as my roots, we supreme beings need to keep in touch with the commoners. Eating Spam is just a small part of it.


        • That’s odd, I always thought you were of Italian heritage; I didn’t realize that like me, you’re English.


        • If I recall my history, nobility was infused into the British population by my ancestors trying to bring some civility to the region.

          . . . not sure how well they succeeded . . .


        • At last I’ve managed to pick myself up off the floor after your last attempt at levity, which left me wondering to which set of ancestors you were referring, and, have come to the conclusion that you meant those of the calibre of J. Ceasar; Constantine the Great,et al, however my recollection of history is that they were long gone and were taken over by a pack of ratbags led for some time from the Vatican by some Mr. Pope. and that the ancestors you really meant were gentleman of the calibre of, Charles Luciano, Al Capone, Frank Costello and Vito Genovese, to name but a few. who fortunately cast their spell on our erstwhile cousins in the new world with their very professional management of drug distribution, prostitution and other necessary things for the good and well being of the citizens of the US of A; a country renowned for it’s civility, breeding and love of god.
          Then again I maybe wrong, 👿


  4. I wish I hadn’t read the remarks. Now I too am fairly convinced that there’s something in that bucket.


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