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  1. GP Cox says:

    After THAT many games, I suggest you try challenging yourself to a different game or finding some human contact?


    1. The highest score I’ve seen on the net is 15051; obviously a palindrone nutter too, so I decided I’d have a go at beating her/him, there are a few thousand over the 20k mark of games and when I pass, if I pass my nutter, I might aim to do the lot. 😄


    1. a quick look shows this will be of little inteest to me, looks like it’s derived from that ludicrous TV series walking dead. How on earth can you kill something tha is already dead?


      1. disperser says:

        It predates the Walking Dead by many years. Besides, there are many fables of people rising from the dead . . . it would have been nice if someone had been around to put them back down.


        1. I was born just a couple of years too late unfortunately!


  2. PiedType says:

    Doesn’t winning all the time get boring?


    1. Not as boring as losing all the time.


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