*****What about me?*****

Poppy May felt a bit left out by my previous post, as this photo will attest, so I’m righting the wrong 😉  What a lucky ol’ grandpa am I    😀

Poppy May 02
I feel left out and unloved
Poppy May  02
That’s more like it 🙂
Two Sisters
A big smile for my big sister

8 thoughts on “*****What about me?*****

  1. Hey gran’pa you tagged me as Poopy not Poppy what I do in my nappy is my business and mummy’s not yours


  2. I have a bit of a wonder about babies. You can tell by the look on the face and the sparkle in the eyes that there is a great intelligence. But hoe do babies think. When we think we use words; but they don’t have words yet. So what do they use to think with?


    1. Well you got me stumped there John; I’d never really thought about it,it’s the same problem I have with my dog I wonder about what and how he thinks, it can’t be just smell that’d be impossible I think.

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