Coco’s fine :)


Coco was very brave when he went into hospital yesterday morning. He went off with the Vet. nurse, tail wagging, on his leash. I think he thought he was going for a walk in the park.

I received a message from the hospital at 11.48 am to say “Coco is recovering well from surgery and will be ready to go home this afternoon” and for me to book a discharge appointment with the vet. The appointment was made for 4.45 pm.

The news we got from the veterinary surgeon was the best; Coco did not have a tumour! The vet I saw on Saturday was still a student vet and had misdiagnosed the growth. The surgeon who performed the operation was the head honcho ( what’s the correct expression for a female honcho?) and she explained to us what it was that was growing on his eyelid.

Naturally I missed most of what she told us because of my curse; (hearing loss) but I got the gist of what she was telling us; and Kerry got the lot.

Coco was very happy to see us, he was like a dog with two tails and didn’t know which one to wag, he was so happy. He was also very hungry!  Which is perfectly normal for him.

He is completely settled in and alls well with the world.                             




13 thoughts on “Coco’s fine :)

  1. Hoorah for Coco
    and now that Coco miraculously has two tails, perchance it means double rations of his favourite food.
    Woof Woof


    1. He always gets double rations Ira, I find it hard to say “NO” to him when he looks at me with those beautiful big eyes and pouts.

      Looking forward to Sunday Cheers Brian


  2. Brian,
    “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition” Coco has come through. Pleased to hear the good news.


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