coco-pensive-2.jpgLast Friday evening I noticed that my beautiful dog Coco had a lump on his left eyelid, and that he was blinking just that eye, quite quickly. On Saturday I took him to see a  Vet at the Annandale Animal Hospital; there it was diagnosed as a tumour and will have to be removed as soon as possible.

At 8 am on Wednesday I have to deliver him into the hands of the veterinary surgeon who will remove this tumour, send it away for a biopsy; after which I must wait for the result as to whether it is malignant or not. 

I’m dreading leaving him at the hospital,  I know he will be terribly upset; when I drop him off at Orange Dogs for his beauty treatment I hear him ‘crying’ wimpering after I leave, and he’s there in company with other puppies and he has plenty to occupy him, but at the hospital I believe he will be kept in a holding pen whilst waiting his surgery.  

Coco is what is called a rescue dog, and before I got him he was caged 23 hours a day 7 days a week, I know he will be frightened that I have dumped him. I shall see if I can stay with him until the time comes for when they need to work on him.

I’m feeling very down, I know my dog is going to be very frightened.

18 thoughts on “Coco.

  1. Aww I am so sorry for you and coco. I know how much pets mean to us, they become family. I hate to hear you have to leave him, but you know it’s for his own good. I remember many years ago Travis’s appendix ruptured and they made me wait. He was so little and so scared, I was broken hearted. Just so you know I’ll say a prayer for you and coco.

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  2. Well, one hopes his anxiety will be somewhat alleviated if the people tending to his care are animal lovers, as Veterinarians often are.

    That said, he’ll be happy to see you on the flip side . . . probably as much as this dog is happy to see their owner.


    1. That’s a great clip, I’ve seen it before courtesy of PT if memory seves me, and my Coco does the same dance when I go to pick him up from Orange Dogs.
      I have no concerns when it comes to the Vets they are lovely people at this hospital and he’ll have the best of care.


  3. What an irresistable sweet face (Coco’s that is, although you’re cute too). If only we could explain to our four-legged children that we’re not leaving them forever in a place that frightens them. Will he have to stay there overnight, or can you bring him home the same day? Try not to wear yourself out fretting while he’s gone. He’ll need your attention when he gets home. I’ll be thinking about you both.


    1. Thanks PT, no I’ll be picking him up in the late afternoon; I probably won’t be in any condition to drive the km or so to get him, I’ll be a frazzled wreck luckily my wife remains cool calm and collected under all circumstances and will be our chauffeur.


  4. Poor, poor Coco. She is such a darling dog.
    I wish her all the very best, of course.
    When you drop her at the clinic, do take her favourite toy with her, and if possible, her blanket. At least it will be something of her home with her.

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    1. I must admit to getting somewhat nervous as the time draws near Gwen, I don’t think he will be wanting too many treats but he will be getting plenty of hugs and kisses from his ‘daddy’.

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    1. He certainly is mine, thanks John. I dropped him off at the hospital 45 minutes ago, he seemed quite happy enough when he went off tail wagging with the lovely vet. nurse. I’ll be picking him up some time after 4 this afternon.

      Hope you’re well haven’t heard from you in a while. ❓


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