Mea culpa

Don’t you just love that expression!

I had a complaint of sorts regarding my last post; seems I’d somehow got rid of the comments thingy. I could of course blame this new system of WordPress for writing our blogs, does anybody actually like this new system?

Somehow or other I must have clicked on the more options thing on the left hand side and unclicked the comment box, well I suppose that’s what happened. I was not inebriated, rarely do I have a tipple these days and I really have no idea what happened; needless to say I’ve fixed it!

So if anybody did actually read the stuff I wrote and wanted to make some comment facetious or otherwise feel free to now do so.   


It appears that the comments box has been missing from other posts too, and here I was thinking nobody cared any longer , beep beep boop!     



19 thoughts on “Mea culpa

  1. No biggie. I’ve done the same thing myself. WordPress has so many different settings for so many different things — it’s both a blessing and a curse.


      1. I still use the “classic” editor and will unless and until they take it away completely. Beep beep boop and its successor are abominations, IMHO.


        1. I can’t seem to get the “classic” anymore except when I edit a post. I must agree with you about the beep beep boop, they must think we’re all imbeciles


    1. What annoyed me most Vic was after finishing what I thought was a jolly good post the whole damned lot disappeared when Iadded the picture of the GWF, I think somebody ; probably disperser fired a broadside from portside, 🙂

      Thanks for joining me Vic, I wish you all the very best for 2016 😀


  2. I’m over here – can’t you see me waving? Oh help, I’ve gone under a wave again. . . . But I do seem to have missed a post. Been busy with visitors and such. Have we solved the mystery of the pink bits on the map?


    1. No worries Gwen, and yes I can see you going under, I’d throw you a lifebelt but I’m damned if I know where I put the thing.
      Hope you had a good festive season and I wish you happiness and success in ’16

      Cheers Brian 😀

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  3. Brian,
    it is best to say:”Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”, whilst striking your breast three times on each “mea”. You will feel much better and if you do it hard enough, it will remove any phlegm from your respiratory passages. So there is both a spiritual and a physical benefit to the practice.


    1. I thought you had to stay off the booze for a while Neill,how are the ribs?

      I shall try to remember this Catholic self flagellation thingy next time I come to use mea culpa which I shall probably now studiously avoid 🙄


      1. Brian,
        my ribs are mending exactly to the schedule laid down by Dr Di. At present I no longer have the muscle spasms and sharp stabbing pain and I can now sleep in my bed and not sitting in the armchair. I still have a constant ache and if I stand for long periods, pain killers are necessary. I do, however, have to avoid the “mea culpa”, because it is too robust for my frail ribs.
        Neill. .


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