An addition….

… to the family tree.

Yesterday afternoon my youngest daughter Emma and her husband toddled off to Mona Vale Hospital and there shortly after 3 pm she was safely delivered of a second daughter, Poppy May.  She will forever share her birthdate with he daddy, Luke.               😀

Emma and Luke are very private people, they have an aversion to Facebook and anything which encroaches on their privacy so I will not be posting pictures of any of that branch of the family, which is a pity really because they are an exceedingly attractive family.

Poppy May also shares her birthdate with some very famous people, Edvard Munch and Frank Sinatra immediately spring to mind, Munch painted The Scream, and Sinatra made all the women scream way back when…..

Naturally had I have been consulted re the naming of my new grand daughter I would have opted for Frances Alberta however it was not to be.   🙄

29 thoughts on “An addition….

  1. Heartiest congratulations! I’ve no doubt they’re a beautiful family. Look at Granddad! Frances would have been a great name (my middle name, my aunt’s name, my granddaughter’s middle name), but Poppy is really cute.


    1. Thank you PT, granddad is not looking very sprightly at present, a mere bag of bones and empty skin O_o o_O,

      I’ll try to sneak a couple of pics of the baby via email PT soon as I get them


  2. Congratulations. Wonderful news.
    Beautifully named, Poppy May, will grow up to be a beautiful, lovely and graceful young woman, known by her stage name, Frances Alberta.


    1. Thanks Ira I;m sure you will be right, she has every indication of getting her features from her mother, which is quite exciting as Emma bore the Smith features, i.e mine! 😀


    1. Thank you Gwen, I shall endeavour to get the okay to post a few pics of the new born as I doubt that they would do any harm. Babies change so quickly at this stage of their lives, recognition is almost impossible after the first few weeks.

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      1. Appropos of nothing to do with babies. I just made a discovery, that, in your capacity as a former volunteer at the ANMM, you might be able to advise me on. I just stumbled on the immigration record for some ancestors. George and Alice E. Staples. They departed London 10th January 1883 per SV “Leicester Castle” 2067 tons under Master John Boag, contracted for Sydney. However, when the vessel arrives Melbourne on 21st April, she is shown on the Victoria passenger Lists as a steerage passenger, while HE IS SHOWN AS A STOWAWAY. George was a qualified sailor, and gained his second mate’s certificate in 1877. I can’t find anything in the papers of the day about his arrest, however, his wife disembarked at Melbourne, so presumably he was detained. The Leicester Castle went on to have many adventures, including being towed from Auckland to Sydney when it was de-masted at a later time; not to mention the Captain being shot in a later mutiny. Would you have any clues as to where the ship’s log might be held, if it survived? Or where else I can dig into for the facts please?


        1. Sorry about the delay getting back to you Gwen, I might be the full bottler on guiding and the museum but you have me stumped, However my chum Neill who you may have seen from time to time is still guiding at the Museum and though his experience is pretty much the same as mine he is still working there and I shall ask him to make the enquiries for you. I have an idea that Wharf 7 at the museum houses all sorts of historical papers and quite possibly has an answer for you. Wharf 7 is not available to the public and guides are restricted there but if anyone can get the info it will be Neill.
          Now Neill unfortunately fell the other day and broke some ribs and will not be back at the museum til February but rest assured I shall pursue the matteer on you behalf

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        2. Thank you. I’ll leave it with you. It’s a shot in the dark. Send my best on to your friend Neill. That must have been a shock to him! And congrats again on your lovely granddaughter.


        3. Gwen I asked my chum for whatever he could suggest and I’ve copied & pasted it below, I hope this will help you in your search,’Cheers Brian

          for your friend, Gwen, the best I can suggest is:

          Does she live in Sydney? The library staff are very helpful and will suggest a variety of other places she can search, for the information for which she is looking.

          The National Library in Canberra, they have a lot of material on-line.

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  3. I wish Poppy Mae a big, hardy WELCOME and let her know that also sharing 12 December was my father, Everett “Smitty” Smith, the actual Pacific Paratrooper. He would have been 101.


  4. Brian,
    congratulations on the birth of your new grandchild, Poppy May. I prefer that name to Frances Alberta (unless of course it is an old family name you would like rolling down the generations). My best wishes also to Emma and Luke.


    1. Thanks Neill, no the names are the feminine of Francis Albert as in Francis Albert Sinatra, the best and greatest performer I ever saw live on stage.

      How about coffee this coming Sunday, I’ll drop Ira a note re what time to meet

      Thanks again I’ll pass on your good wishes to Emma & Luke


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