One way or the other

In under two days.

Around 40 hours from now I’ll be toddling along to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for my meeting with Profeesor Sandroussi and his team who plan to open me up and put me back together again. If all goes well 48 hours from now they’ll be wheeling me into the ICU for a couple of days.

As can be imagined I’ll have much to do tomorrow and I doubt there’ll be time to plod along on my computer therefore I think this is a good time to thank all my fellow bloggers, followers and friends for the good wishes and words of encouragement that they have extended me.

Hopefully I shall be back in a few weeks if all goes well.

Thank you all once again.

Cheers Brian aka lordbeariofbow, (inter alia).     🙄

15 thoughts on “One way or the other

  1. Irena Kowalski 22/06/2015 — 14:47

    wishing you a speedy recovery. Ira


  2. Best wishes on a good outcome, Beari. Sounds like you’ll be in surgery about the same time I get my first chemo treatment. I’ll meet you back here in a few weeks.


    1. Thank you PT, I shall be fortunate in not requiring chemo should the operation be fully successful, i.e. I survive 🙂 the cancer was discovered in it’s early stages and has not spread, it’s confined to the stomach so no stomach no cancer no chemo 😀


      1. Damn cancer. I start chemo tomorrow.


        1. Somehow I don’t envy you that PT, what cancer and when was it discovered in your case, mine wasn’t diagnosed until late April of early May.
          I’ve been very fortunate in never having to go through chemo, had a bit of radiation with the prostate but that’s all.


        2. I don’t envy me either! Breast cancer, diagnosed April 23. Full chemo and radiation treatment on tap before I’m done. Prognosis is good, but I wish I could fast forward thru the next year.


        3. My sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer,again, not that long back and had a double mastectomy in April, and she is now doing well. I wish you luck but certainly am not envying you that treatment, it seems that breast cancer is becoming more prevalent or perhaps it’s just getting more exposure


        4. More prevalent due to growing and aging population and better diagnostic tools and techniques. And LOTS more exposure due to the Susan G. Koman campaign, which I think is more about making money for commercial entities than for cancer research. And it’s misleading the public. More women die of heart disease than of all forms of cancer combined.

          Glad your sister is doing well. I got off easier, relatively speaking. Just a lumpectomy.


        5. That’s where we’re lucky with our socialized medical service / system, pretty nigh on impossible for any any commercial entities as you so kindly describe them to gain anything from us, our biggest gripe is trying to get our government to spend more of our money on the research.


  3. Will be saying prayers and waiting to hear from you.
    Love ya


    1. What with you Lisa and my chums Ira and Neill, and Ira’s sainted relative (Ira has a rel catholic saint in her family tree) and all the people that I don’t know at St Breandans praying for me I must be doomed 👿


    2. Neill Francis 02/07/2015 — 16:40

      2nd July, 2015
      I visited Brian in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital this morning. He is making excellent progress and wanted me to let you know. I was surprised how well he looked, after such a major operation. He was sitting by his bed and had just returned from a walk. We did the Sydney Morning Herald crossword together. He is able to drink fruit juices, but I don’t think he has attempted solid food yet. I asked him if he would have to go to a rehabilitation hospital for a while, but he is hopeful of returning home next week. I am pleased to be able to relay this good news to you on his behalf.
      All the best,


  4. I know all will go well, Beari – just take care of priorities and you’ll be back with us even faster!!


    1. Thanks gp I hope you’re right, I’m feeling very confident of the outcome

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