The countdown begins….

The final countdown? Perhaps!

Today I start the countdown for my appointment with the surgeon tomorrow forthnight Wednesday the 24th June.

Tonight I take some of my pills for what may well be the last time; also I shall be having my last beer, or two, for what may be the last time. I have to give up some pills and lay off the booze between tomorrow morning and the operation. Easy giving up the pills.

Everybody seems relaxed, confident and comfortable,  obviously certain that I will pull through without any problems, (except I’ll be missing a stomach) as preperations seem to be underway for the celebration of our daughter Emma’s birthday in which I’m included.

Now for some reason Emma’s birthday is always remembered and celebrated with familial dedication, I think perhaps our Emma enjoys them more then anybody else. Her best celebration was of course her 30th. A special time and a special birthday had to be celebrated in a special place and naturally that was New York. Emma and her husband Luke are enraptured with that wonderful town where the Bronx is up and the Batterys down so all the immediate family had to be there. We also took in parts of Hawai’i, California, Las Vegas on the way over.

The birthday lunch was held at the restaurant which featured quite often in some TV series called “Sex and the City” as per Emma’s wishes,30th birthday venue

we also took in a ball game (we’re all Baseball fans) at the old Yankee Stadium, they beat the Red Sox and an Independance Day concert at the Lincoln Centre ( I suppose they spell it Center), then off to Boston and then home via Hawai’i once again, where I got arrested by Hawai’i 50. So all in all a very big birthday celebration. This years will be quite subdued.

Now I seem to be causing some problem with the celebration as I might well still be hospitalized. I’ve been reliably advised by Professor Sandroussi that I shall be in hospital for between 10 and 14 days after the operation and then will need 12 weeks or more convalescing. The ops on the 24th June and the birthdays on the 6th July, so I’m supposed to be good to go 12 days after I have my stomach chopped out. I think they’re forgetting that I’m toting around an 80 year old carcass, and it is quite possibly on the cards that is what I will be; a carcass on the 6th July!                         😈

I must admit that I’ve been getting abnormally tired these past few weeks and whether I pull through or succumb to the surgery is anybody’s guess, I’ll just be glad to get it over with one way or the other.

Only thing that really worries me is my dog. Coco, I know he’ll miss me.Coco pensive

20 thoughts on “The countdown begins….

  1. Irena Kowalski 09/06/2015 — 16:47

    Coco will miss you, and you need to explain what is going on to Coco, before you throw yourself at the mercy of the Hospital Staff. I’ve always believed in having a little quiet tete-a-tete with the pet before any major upheavel. Call me old fashioned, but they seem to understand and comply with what is necessary.

    I shall visit you in hospital. Do Not panic, I shall ring first and check that you are happy to receive a visitor. Nothing worse than being a captive to the hoi poloi wondering through the wards.

    You shall be on the St Brendan’s Prayer List. So without question, everything will be OK.

    Enjoy your last beer – ie last beer for now. Thinking of you and wishing you well and hearty, Ira


    1. I really do believe that he hospital should allow our dogs to visit us in hospital I know if my dog was allowed in to be with me I’d be out of there in no time flat, theyre such wonderful creatures/

      Might be an idea to ease upon the St Brendans list, old Nick might get to hear about it and call me in, 👿

      Thanks for the good wished Ira and I hope to see you in a couple of weeks time 😉


  2. Well, it’s a bit difficult to click on the Like button when you are being so defeatist. You had a wonderful vacation, look at it that way – and you can do it again after your recovery. One thing that will help ensure that your surgery will succeed is a positive attitude – so chin up!! Show that British/Aussie spirit, Beari [or I’ll start calling you Brian!!!]


    1. Sorry gp I didn’t mean to appear defeatist just facing reality, I get a bit impatient sitting around waiting and just want to get it over and done with and get on living should the operation be successful. If it’s not I wont know or care; but at the moment I feel hog tied. I’ve got every confidence in the surgeon and his team and have no doubt as to their ability, but realistically they haven’t got much of a canvas to work on; the word slob comes to mind 😈

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      1. Good to hear. Waiting – sounds like the service – ‘Hurry up and WAIT !!’


        1. Same in the services the world over, I can’t think of anything worse, well not off hand if I put my mind to it no doubt I could O_o o_O


  3. Neill Francis 10/06/2015 — 07:57

    I wish you all the best for your operation and hope that all goes well for you. You are in good hands; I think the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital is the best in the country (at least equal to St Vincent’s). I hope to be able to have a beer (or perhaps a scotch) with you, when you come through all this.
    Every best wish from an old ANMM guiding mate,


    1. Make mine Bourbon Neill 🙂 Two weeks from now I shall be having the op and it can’t come soon enough seems that I’ve been waiting foreever but it’s really only a fortnight since the heart specialist gave me the all clear; the thought has occured to me that after the op and when my weight drops off I might well be fit enough to get back to the museum and do a bit of guiding even if only the museum tours, I’ve left myself on the books as a volunteer perhaps it’s not now a forlorn hope. It will be good not to feel tired all the time and hopefully it will clear up a very big problem that I”ve had to put up with these last several months.

      Thanks for the good wishes, Ira is taking care of my religious needs and I’m sure will take credit for my recovery and her intercession with you know who 👿 🙂

      Cheers Brian


      1. Neill Francis 10/06/2015 — 11:17

        yes, Ira has some obscure Polish saint in her family, I think a great aunt, so should have the ear of the Almighty.
        Noelene Forrest has been asking after you lately, so I have forwarded your blogs to her.


        1. Well with Ira being so well connected I have all the more reason to worry, what will old Nick think 🙄 Nice to be remembered by Noelene say g’day to her for me next Tuesday or whenever you two are guiding together.

          Cheers Brian 😈


  4. Neill Francis 10/06/2015 — 11:23

    I do hope that you will be able to guide again at the Museum, everyone would be so happy to see you back, so be patient and follow doctor’s orders to the letter.


    1. Neill, It is certainly something for me to look forward to, it’s been quite a while now I’d hardly know the place. I still follow the ning pages occassionally though there doesn’t seem to be the interest init since I stopped contributing, I’m still in the ist of top contributors well I was last time I looked.
      Cheers B.


  5. Quite the morbid update.

    How about you just assume you’ll be around, plan accordingly, and stop wondering what will happen if you go the way of your stomach?

    And, if you are bored, you can begin reading this:

    There are 28 chapters, but the tale is not finished. Of course, if you check out, you won’t be hounding me to finish it. If, on the other hand, you make it through OK, think of the fun you’ll have reminding me I should finish it.

    Just so you know, I had written this strictly for my own enjoyment, so I’m sure it’s got all sorts of wrong stuff hither and fro.


    1. I didn’t intend to appear morbid in fact I’m far from it ej just getting grumpy because I’m an impatient s.o.b.
      I’ve just sent away for a box set of six volumes of Jane Austens works now does that sound like somebody who’s planning on kicking the proverbial bucket? Some of my Jane Austen books are just about worn out, so I’m replacing them. I always enjoy reading her stories; a great fan which probably seems strange to you as I also enjoy reading stuff put out by some bloke name of egad! 😈


      1. OMFSM! You’re an Austen fan?

        I guess that’s ok. I’ve not read any of her works, but Melisa likes the books and a few of the TV adaptations.

        I might suggest this author and her series set in the same timeframe.

        Mary Robinette Kowal

        You can read about her tribute to Austen here:

        Needless to say, but I will just the same, forget the link I sent you. The last thing I need is someone nagging me about finishing SV-1.


        1. Have I ever been known to nag? A remark here and there regarding poor grammar and mixed metaphors notwithstanding; I shall now download the 28 chapters of stuff and read it; providing of course you don’t decide to get a bit bitchy and bung a password on it O_o o_O :mrgreen:


        2. Whats OMFSM? by the bye if Melissa is interested in things Austen she might like to check out Regina Jeffers

          An American lady who has written and PUBLISHED several books, she is/was a teacher of English and also taught Jane Austens works at some US University and we correspond quite often, and we get on very well indeed as Miss Austen was wont to write, she has a rather large following. not like me 😥


      2. It’s a take on OMG (oh, my god) but using the Flying Spaghetti Monster instead of god (oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster).

        I’ll mention it to Melisa, but while she likes the books and adaptations, she is not by any stretch an aficionada of Austen’s works.


        1. Well if she likes the adaptations then she should definitely look in on Regina, she has writtn and published many books using Miss Austen’s characters, and on her web site she often runs givaways of her books, using something called kindle and some other system not sure which but she does have quite a following in the US, there is also an interview with her on YouTube which might pique Meliasa’s interest, heres the link save you the trouble


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        2. Thanks . . . I’ll forward it along.


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