For those who are email free :)

Some prefer reading the blogs.

There are those who prefer to know what’s going on via my posts than by email, even though I Bcc the stuff I send out; kind of keeps it personal, so here’s a cut and paste of an email I sent this morning to my sister who had requested an update:

I spent a couple of hours yesterday with doctors and hospital staff making final arrangements to have my gastrectomy, don’t know what sounds worse, that or having my stomach chopped out, or as my chum/buddy ej is wont to say ” gutted” Emoji but it’s all happening on the morning of 24th June.
Professor Sandroussi who is going to chop me open says that everything is fine with my heart and he will go ahead; so he went over the whole procedure again then sent me along to see Prof. Kilian the heart specialist for his final approval. 
Prof. Kilian gave me a quick check my BP was  135 over something or other  which seemed to please him no end and before we left told me that I was fine and to come back and see him in 12 months time for another check up, he was serious and he made the appointment with his secretary and sure enough I have an appointment for 12 months hence.
The doctors and staff in fact everybody at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital are so damned efficient and confident that they are quite frightening, how can I not be anything but relaxed and  not bothered by the whole business. Actually I’m quite looking forward to the op. better than the alternative.
On the 15th I have to spend 3 or 4 hours going through some tests just to make sure that on the 24th there will be no hiccups.
Prof Sandroussi says I will be in hospital for between 10 and 14 days, and for 2 months thereafter I’m going to have some sort of tube or something poking out of where my stomach used to be so that if I start to have trouble feeding then they can start feeding me through this tube thingy, all sounds gruesome. He tells me I’m going to lose up to 20% of my weight which is pretty good I shall be a lithe 65-66 kg, I shall have to get a new wardrobe.
I’m waiting for Kerry to suggest a week or two in Hawai’i to finish recuperating, it’s going to be winter here and I think I might need the sunshine and warmth of Waikiki,
I could go a Cornish pasty right now.
Cheers Sis, I’ll keep you (y’all) posted. EmojiEmojiEmoji

4 thoughts on “For those who are email free :)

  1. Glad to hear everythings moving along. I know you’ll do fine. Hawai sound like a wonderful place to recover. I’ve always wanted to go there. Keep me updated.
    Love ya


    1. It is and would be Lisa. Last time I was there I got arrested by Hawai’i 50; but thats another story 😛


  2. John Pennington 29/05/2015 — 10:55

    Fair fortune to you.


    1. Thanks John appreciate your good wishes,


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