The Angiogram & Me.

They warned me before they started.

As those that bother to read and/or follow my ramblings know last Wednesday I was scheduled to have an angiogram, and as those same people being intelligent people; well they must be to be following this drivel; know what an angiogram is I wont go into the gory details, not that they are it just sounds that way.

Well the surgeon in charge of the procedure decided that it would be better to proceed with the angiogram through an artery in my right wrist/forearm rather than the normal way; the right thigh.

Which was a pity really for the wardsman I think they’re called had given my right thigh a jolly good shave and a young lady doctor whose name was Ilene had inserted something into the back of my right hand, (I hope you’re enjoying this detailed discription) which was the normal thing for a thigh procedure.           😛

So now the thing that Doctor Ilene had inserted  into my right hand was replicated on my left hand, but it was decided that they might as well leave the other one in my right arm as it might come in handy for something or other later, it’s good to know that you’re in such good hands. Just joking I could not wish for better!

The surgeon  who decided on the arm explained that it was a more difficult way to proceed but he thought that it was the best way to go for me. I concurred. I’d had an angiogram some 20 odd years back and I recall having to lie perfectly, still flat on my back, for a few hours after and I really wasn’t fancying that, I get some nasty cramps in my legs if I lie still for any length of time, now I think of it, it was probably this that caused the surgeon to go for the wrist after I’d told him about the cramps, The surgeon also warned me that I’d experience some heavy bruising!

They pumped some purple dye stuff into my veins and hooked me up to a drip to stop me dehydrating and I had to just lie there while this dye worked its way through to my heart.

About an hour later some tattooed wardsman came and wheeled me along to the theatre where the angiogram was to be performed, and there was this great 110+ centimetre TV screen for me to watch the proceedings, the best part of the whole thing, watching it live on Tele.     Trouble was I didn’t get such a good view this time this great camera thingy was blocking my view most of the time; I was very disappointed I was actually looking forward to seeing the old ticker pounding away with this wiggerly thing bouncing around inside, ah well c’est le vie!

It took about 40-45 minutes I suppose then I was wheeled back to the recovery room and the bloke that went before me was still there flat on his back immobile! I on the otherhand was sitting up and able to watch everything going on around and chat to the nurses as I had this pressure thing attached to my arm. Every now and then a nurse would come around check me out and release a bit of the pressure, it was an air pressure system; after about 1½ -2 hours the thing was taken off and a pressure pad type of clear bandage was stuck on over the hole where the catheter was inserted all very exciting and the other poor bloke was still flat on his back. I don’t know how long he was there for or if there were complications, but here I was up and being allowed to get dressed ready for departure, although I still had an hour to wait before they said bye bye.               😛

Now for the bruising. The surgeon was spot on and I have some lovely technicolor bruises which I’m about to share with you by pictures my daughter Emma took this morning when she and my granddaughterRuby and Ruby’s  Auntie Sarah popped by to wish Kerry “Happy Mothers Day”, they have all gone out and I’m home alone and it’s quite peaceful.  The pictures are not of the standard of my chum egad aka Emilio but they will have to suffice; enjoy! If you click on the pics they’ll be enlarged for you to enjoy even more.

Bruising right wrist
Bruising right wrist
another view
another view
Note bruise on back of hand
Note bruise on back of hand

15 thoughts on “The Angiogram & Me.

  1. Golly, what a bruise.
    When are you expecting to hear the results. And what is the next stage.
    And when will you be up to raising a glass, which I am itching to shout.
    Wishing you the very , very best.


    1. Yes it’s a good one isn’t it? The swellng has gone down, my arm looked a bit like Popeye’s on Thursday and Friday.
      The news was good the specialists who did the angiogram told me they could see nothing wrong so now I expect to hear in the next week when they are going to chop my stomach out. Without a stomach I think I’ll be raising an egg cup 😦


  2. . . . gutless, eh?


    1. Who? Me? Never let it be said!


      1. It will be, nonetheless, an accurate description in the near future.


        1. Thanks ej that really did give me a good laugh Are you sure you haven’t got a wee bit of English blood in you? That has all the essence spirit fun and humour of an English sense of humour. Brilliant! Just loved it thanks 😀 😀


      2. You claim British humo(u)r, but I had to explain it to you . . .


        1. Seems we may be at odds here ej, what are you referring to?


        2. Don’t worry I’ve just read back over the comments and noticed to which blog you assigned the word gutless, I thought it was in reference to the previous post which was getting somewhat involved. I don’t normally check the right column to see where the comment was made had I have done so I’d have had my chuckle sooner.
          You’re on the ball young man! 🙄


      3. Your reply to my first comment (. . . gutless, eh?) led me to believe you did not get the reference and that’s why I added the second reply, clearer reference.

        Hence my jab at you not having an “English sense of humo(u)r”.

        Perhaps I was wrong, and now this has gone way too long. I should have stopped while I was ahead.


        1. Now you have me confused, I’ll think I’ll get a sandwich


  3. I’ll take all the bruises as long as the report turns out to be good!! Congrats!!


    1. and now for the operation gp, I’m feeling quietly confident and slightly optimistic; thanks for the good wishes gp 😀


      1. Chin up, buddy!


        1. Actually I’m feeling pretty good gp, quietly confident and ready to go. I’ve been having a little fun with Emilio, he’s a good bloke like you, I do believe you two follow each others blogs.
          Thanks for the good wishes gp, really appreciate them. B

          Liked by 1 person

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