8 thoughts on “Murdered by the Media

    1. The so called media barons and baroness n Australia are a completely immoral lot, led of course by the most infamous of them all rupert murdock, (I never capitalize their names. they deserve no such respect).

      You may have noted gp that the post was originally posted some time ago and all that I predicted occured, perhaps I should offer my services to the ALP if I survive the present vexatious problems besetting me; and assist them in regaining office. 😀

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      1. Our newspapers and tv cater to the opinions of their owners. If the owner is Democratic, articles all lean that way and so on – who knows what to believe.


        1. All media barons and the one baroness lean one way here and that’s to the right and they are jostling amongst themselves to see who can be furthest right without falling off this planet of ours!

          I’m against capital punishment but if the likes of murdock & co were shoved up againstaa wall and shot I doubt I’d utter a word in protest!


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