Still Here!

Methinks it’s time to catch up.

The last post I did was on the 17th, the day I’d completed my four score years on ‘Planet Earth’; to celebrate my wife, our children and their partners (why do we always  use the expression partners these days?- I know it’s not new Mr Bennet in Pride & Prejudice used the word in the same context) took me to the local pub for a celebratory dinner, I chose ‘The Empire’ as the girls, i.e my wife and our two daughters; had eaten there on previous occasions and vouched for the quality of the food.

Naturally I ordered what I always enjoy at a pub, the beer battered fish and chips, it’s the ‘Pom’ in me, and as a rule the chish & fips (love Spoonerisms) at a pub is top notch, sad to say at the ‘Empire ‘ it wasn’t, I must admit I cook better, says he modestly! The batter was too thick, and too dark, I think perhaps they overcooked it or the oil in which it was cooked was old and used for everything deep fried not just the fish. As for the chips, well they were those silly shoestring type of thing instead of a good thick potato chip (not to be confused with potato crisps) crispy and golden on the outside and soft and hot on the inside. The things they served as chips had no inside and were completely lacking in character. perhaps I should have selected the ‘Vic’ my other local.             🙄

Very disappointing to a connoisseur of fish & chips like me.

However, the company was good and it was all very pleasant and enjoyable and after the meal we adjourned to our home where we finished the celebration with my birthday cake; I’m happy to announce that there was not 80 candles on it for me to blow out.

Last Friday the 24th April was another day of celebration; this for our granddaughter Ruby who was 2; she is an absolute joy and delight, I’d like to fill these pages with photographs and videos of her but out of respect for her parents I will refrain. They are very private people and have no liking for such things as the so called social pages of the Internet, and seriously, who can blame them? Needless to say it was a very happy day which carried over to Saturday for further celebrations.

As you can see the last couple of weeks has been quite busy for me and somewhat taxing but I shan’t go into that here, I’ll be doing a seperate post on that!         O_o     o_O

4 thoughts on “Still Here!

  1. We haven’t had decent fish and chips since the demise of Con the Greek’s local fresh fish shop. BUT! I got a good old-fashioned hamburger the other day. Proper toasted bun and mince meat that had crispy bits here and there. Not soft indistinguishable mush as is served at Maccas. You have to go to Crookwell though.. .


    1. There are still a couple of places on the Northern Beaches that serve up a decent fish & chips, the pub on Manly Wharf does a pretty good job, well the last time I was there it did; must be 2 or 3 years back now. Theres a Greek F & C less than a kilometre from where I live but it’s in such an awkward spot I’ve never bothered. I’m probably missing a real treat.

      Thanks for dropping by Gwen 😀

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  2. Thought i replied by email,. maybe not, I am very glad you enjoyed your day. I must assume “chips” to be what we americans call french fries. As for fish we have a few places around my house that serves very good catfish. Of course it’s breaded and deep fried. Some of the best comes from the Catholic Church’s fish frys on Fridays during lent. Keep me up to date on any new results. Have they scheduled surgery yet?
    Love ya


    1. I’m doing a post re the operation,seems that there are some problems in which case they wont be able to chop me up, also doing an email to all my chums/buddys bringing you all up to date 😀


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