It’s been a while now……

….since I did a blog.

It’s been more than three weeks since I made my last post and my reader (singular) might well be forgiven in the belief that ‘The Bugler’ may have well have blown it; “The Last Post” that is!

I’ve started several blogs it’s just that I haven’t got around to finishing them and they are all sitting nice and neatly in the draft folder. I did start a follow-up on the last post I made, the one “Dedicated to PT” as from comments made and the few e-mails that I received about this post suggesting that perhaps I might expand on what I had said, and I did start to write a lot of “what if’s” pure supposition of course but it makes sense to me.

I wonder why some people prefer to send me an e-mail and not just writing a comment; I don’t know, is it difficult to write comments to my posts?

There’s also a post that I really must finish; Teddy Roosevelt and his Great White Fleet, was he chicken-hearted when all’s said and done?  Another “Fear & Retribution” which I’m sure will upset some, says he thinking of PT, and the big, big mistake, well it is to my way of thinking: The ‘Washington Treaty’.

On a more personal note I’ve started and yet to finish the post on my early days in Sydney, and also the “Courting of Kerry” and “The Growing Up Years”.

Trouble is I’ve been so damned tired lately, there are times I’m sitting at my computer and I’ve just dozed off, how long some of these naps have lasted is anybody’s guess. My doc says I’m very anæmic and it seems to be getting worse, perhaps his assistant, the lovely Percy has been taking too much blood out of me for testing and there’s not much left; anyway he sent me off to see another specialist doctor who’s going to have a go at fixing me up;  problem is they haven’t got much left to work on. Such is life!

In the interim I shall attempt to finish some of what I’ve started, in what order/sequence from the abridged list I’ve outlined I don’t know your guess is as good as mine, any requests feel free to make ’em.         🙄   O_o

23 thoughts on “It’s been a while now……

  1. Well, I am glad to see your still here. I sent you a message but didn’t get a reply. I am sorry your still not feeling well. Does the doctor have any idea why your so anemic. nothing such as leukemia or anything right? You need to eat lots of red meat and green vegetables. I am looking forward to future blogs. hope to see some more soon.


    1. No thoughts of leukemia Lisa, looks like they’re checking for bowel/stomach cancer although theres been no bleeding. I don’t like red meat but love my veggies (cept brocolli).
      I don’t recall getting a message Lisa, I may well have seen it and it didn’t register, there’s quite a lot slipping by my notice. I’d dearly love to finish those which I’ve started and I’ll make an effort and that’s a promise; or should that be a threat,I’m sure a couple will upset some people in the US ofA but it’s not intentional, there are still those who live in the clouds. The one I wrote my last blog for does not acknowledge any of my comments they just get filed in the spam folder. How’s that for narrow minded?


  2. Well I guess I’ll just have to call on the Big Dog, and send up some prayers. Doesn’t matter if you believe or not. only counts that I believe. Lisa


  3. Have you ever read, “The Imperial Cruise” by James Bradley? It sure opened up my eyes as to the Roosevelt family, China, Japan and US policies back then.
    If you are falling asleep at the computer, try to get up for something ~ every 20 minutes or so…keep the blood flowing, Beari – we missed you.


    1. No I haven’t read that book gp, in fact I hadn’t even heard of it til you mentioned it. I see it’s still available so I shall get me a copy, I doubt my local library would keep such books but I’ll try them first. Theodore was no FDR in my opinion , for what it’s worth. I think perhaps he should have stuck to hunting and dedicating National Parks, with all due respects and hope that’s not denigrating the USA of which I was recently accused and subsequently banned from commenting on blogs. 😦

      I do get up from the desk quite often as you suggested gp, my dog sees to that he’s for ever wanting me to watch him chase the lizards in the garden, but seems when I doze off he thinks it’s time to take a nap too 😛

      Thanks for the kind words and thoughts gp.

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      1. Don’t even give Teddy for hunting, he spent very little time on the ranch. In that book, you can see who and how he patterned his pictures after – he wanted to look the part. FDR was an amoral, irreverent, lying SOB. So, no – no offense taken about the Roosevelt family. 😆


        1. FDR may have been all those things and more but it seems he did more good than harm from I sit. As for Teddy he had as much courge as the Teddy Bear I had as a child, again thats from where I sit. 😉

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        2. FDR did more good for Europe than the US, that’s from where my research led me. O_o


        3. Didn’t he get rid of prohibition. Surely that must have been a very good thing, of course it would have been a much better thing had it not been introduced in the first place I’m sure you’ll agree


        4. Prohibition is another story altogether – the Kennedy’s made a fortune off it (and still do on the scotch) and others lost their fortune. The law was so hated, the repeal of it was purely a political P.R. move.


        5. Yes and 2 Republican Presidents had the chance to get rid of itand why didn’t they is what I can’t understand, unless of course the pair were lining ther pockets,The Wall St crash happened on their watch too. Joe Kennedy was no better than a glorified gangster from what I can gather. Must admit the US politics sure are a lot more interesting than the Australian 😛 🙄


        6. US politics are a real piece of work O_o and I don’t like getting into it too deep because it IS SO FRUSTRATING and actually down right annoying! Rep vs Dem = no difference.


        7. Agreed gp, they’re all in it for one purpose; to feather their own nests!

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  4. Neill Francis 28/02/2015 — 10:32

    I was wondering why I haven’t heard much from you of late. I have had a short visit (14 days) to New Zealand. but I am back home now.


    1. Welcome back Neill, Were you on one of those cruises around the 2 islands of NZ? I’ve been having some problems with my health I’m waiting to go into the RPA for some tests.


  5. Hey bro., how about finishing off some of your earlier ramblings, you know which ones.


    1. Not sure which ones you mean little sis I’ve got so much started that I don’t know where I am


  6. Let me try . . . yup; I can leave a comment.


    1. how the hell did you manage to do that ej? I’ve been asked via email from those obviously not as smart as you as to how to write a comment and I have no idea on my pages


    2. I am gifted . . . to the world.


      1. and I’m sure the worlds a better place for the gift


  7. Neill Francis 16/03/2015 — 17:37

    yes, it was one of those cruises around the two Islands of NZ. Mainly Americans and Europeans aboard, trying to avoid the northern winter; bad luck for them I’m afraid, the weather was very ordinary for the entire trip, but the Australians made the best of a few cool days in the middle of the most humid part of the summer. There were four in our party: Marlene, my cousin, her 3rd husband, Ross and my friend Krystyna. NZ is a pleasant and charming place.
    Sorry to hear you haven’t been in the best of health old mate and I hope your tests don’t turn up anything too serious for you. Let me know when you feel like a beer or two down at the Empire.
    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks Neill, sending you an e-mail update, look forward to a beer or two sometime soon, it will have to be after the 26th email will explain.
      Cheers Brian


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