Beaten by Honesty & Integrity – Gina Rinehart

Takes her ball and goes home!

I must admit I do not like Mrs gina rinehart not because she’s obscenely rich, not that she started with nothing her father left her a fortune that would just have kept growing without any imput from her, but greed of course keeps driving her for more, and if it means using virtual slave labour she’s not particularly averse to that either, she likes to import slave labourers from 3rd 4th & 5th world countries (encouraged by the Liberal Country Party Government of Australia led by her puppet tony abbott)  and pay them next to nothing to keep her own coffers growing and help to assuage her never-ending hunger for more.

This woman along with her friend rupert murdock would like to control not only this country’s wealth they’d dearly love to control the media and the lives of all Australians,  neither of them  have any integrity or honour just greed and a lust for power. This woman has control of one of the country’s TV networks, how rupert would like that, she also had a stake in Fairfax Media, publishers of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age newspapers, two of the few honest newspapers left on this planet.

She was in fact the major share holder in Fairfax until last Friday night when she sold all her shares for some $306 million dollars, mere spending money for this billionairess, the richest person in Australia (got more than her chum rupert has too I believe).  

Why did she sell? Because she couldn’t have or buy her own way, she wanted a seat on the board of Fairfax, which is fair enough if you are the largest shareholder in the company; trouble is this money hungry, power crazy woman would not sign the Fairfax’s Charter of Editorial Independence, which obviously forbids the meddling of people like her in the freedom and independence that the editors, the reporters and the staff of a free press. She wanted control over what the editors had to say and what the reporters wrote and the board to their everlasting credit told her NO! 

So she’s sold out taken her ball and gone home; hopefully for good but I get the feeling that a person like rinehart so driven by avarice will try again; we can only hope that the future board members show the same courage honesty and integrity; something rinehart and murdock both lack.

2 thoughts on “Beaten by Honesty & Integrity – Gina Rinehart

  1. Wendy Penney 17/02/2015 — 13:13

    Great, thanks for explaining, not always clear with fast paced news.


    1. I’m curious, who are you? Thanks for your comment.


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