Are the Arabs being reasonable

Strangely enough it never occurred to me that Arabs, and followers of Mohammed, had cartoonists, I’ve always associated cartoons with a sense of fun and humour with an underlying message, (as usual I may well be wrong, I seem to be wrong quite often of late); and consequently I’ve regarded them as a humourless people. But it seems that they do have cartoonists and their cartoonists try to get their message across the same way as ours do.

Where ours snipe at some of their ways so do some of theirs take a swipe at our ways, which is fair enough; it seems they particularly like to focus on the Wests infatuation with Israel, and the Wests “doing a Nelson” ( for those unfamiliar with that expression “doing a Nelson”  means turning a blind eye as Nelson supposedly did prior to the Battle of Trafalgar, or was it the Nile no matter its of no great moment).

So I ask are they being unreasonable? This can only be answered by following and reading the link below. I’d certainly like to hear some thoughts on this!

All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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