Je suis moi. A follow up of sorts!


Je ne suis pas Charlie.

Since posting this yesterday I found the underlying link in the January 14 ( note I did the date the USA way) edition of the New York Times; which begs the question, Why do the US and it’s allies, notably France and Great Britain not send their specialized forces such as the SAS to wipe these people from the face of the earth?

Surely with the satelite surveillance capabilities which can pinpoint pretty well anything on this globe; can pinpoint where these creatures are and those elite forces can then be dropped into within easy striking distance and wipe them from the face of this earth for  ever.

This goes against my grain, I deplore violence but enough is more than enough now;  these evil creatures have abrogated all rights to justice, they abhor all things which do not conform to their fanatical religous fantasies, they are beyond all sense and reason and should no longer be allowed to stain this earth and should be removed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

As I said this goes against my grain, but I can see no other solution, they are insusceptible to reason.

It has gone too far now, and I think much is to blame in a sense on the media and the WWW. for giving these creatures so much of what they despise yet has assisted their cause.( if it can be called and justified a cause); freedom of expression, publicity, full coverage of their vile deeds when they should have been ignored and quietly dealt with.

I know events like the 11th September 2001 could not escape the amount of attention which it so richly deserved; I think the response was ill conceived and those in command and control went off half cocked which did nothing to solve the problem, indeed it only exacerbated it in my opinion, for what it’s worth and there are those who believe it’s not worth much. Had proper, correct thought been given to the root cause of the attacks, then the right people might well have been brought to account; instead of which time and money and lives were wasted on an ongoing futile war in Iraq which appears endless and frankly useless!





All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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