2015 Final year Follow up!

I should have been more explicit!

Rambling on as I did yesterday seems to have given an impression that I didn’t mean to convey, so I thought a bit of an explanation might be in order for those who’s acquaintance I now enjoy.

Back in 2005 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and in January 06 I was given the choice of do nothing and be dead in 1 to 2 years max, or take my chances with a new procedure that had not been in Australia for very long. Naturally I opted for that, it’s called ‘Brachytherapy’ and I did a post of it a couple of years or so back.

The Surgeon who performed that operation gave me a guaranteed extra 6 to 8 years  I’m now in the ninth, can’t complain about that for a guarantee can I?,

One of the side effects for want  of a better term can be sterilisation, and of course I won or lost depending on your point of view. Being sterile of course sometimes has the drawback of weight gain. I’m definitely overweight but it could be worse, I tip the scales at 83kg about 10kg over so it’s not too bad. I was 89kg but since my new doc I’ve lost 6kg., too, the lack of testosterone does effect my energy naturally enough. Also the radiation treatment for six weeks after the operation caused some damage to the urinary tract, which did not appear until after my next problem

Just over three years ago, in October of 2011 I had a stroke, it wasn’t the most severe of strokes but nevertheless it required major surgery and I had two operations a month apart to remove the blockage in my right and left carotid arteries. In October last year the surgeon who performed those two operations gave me the all clear and said I should now be right ’til I’m 150 and there was no need for me to go back and see him again and I said thank you very much doc but I don’t think I want to hang around that long. He was a great doctor and surgeon and I shall miss our chats, half the consultation time was taken up with the discussion of books and lively they were, yes indeed I shall certainly miss him!

Naturally during these two operations a catheter was required and the damage caused during the radiation treatment was exacerbated because of this so that I have some considerable problems with my water works       🙄

So back to now, I do get tired quite quickly, my first delight every morning is standing soaking in the shower, without that I can’t function, trouble is now I need to rest up for 10 or 15 minutes after I’m showered dried and dressed before I can do whatever I need to do and needs to be done.

Depending on the weather I usually drive down to Bi-centennial Park, Blackwattle Bay to give my dog  Coco a run and say hello to all the other little puppy dogs running loose there, a gorgeous spot for our four-legged friends. I suppose I’d walk around a kilometre each time we go so I’m getting enough exercise, but by the time I get home I’m in need of a rest.           BicenPark

All in all I shouldn’t complain, it’s just that it’s so damned frustrating not being able to do what I want or need to do properly and without fuss, the quality of life is slowly and inexorably declining.

9 thoughts on “2015 Final year Follow up!

  1. I am glad to hear your demise in not imminent,(guess that’s spelled right) You worry me when you are not your usual spunky self. Don’t forget to get that thyroid checked.
    Love ya


    1. It is and it is Lisa, I shall be seeing the doc sometime this week if I remember. That reminds me I better make an appointment for the colonoscopy before I go see him for he’s sure to enquire about that, damn and I was trying to get out of that 🙄

      ( I’m upsetting one of the bloggers I follow, today we’re having a disagreement and it’s most upsetting because she’s a delightful lady and a great blogger, thats the PiedType nom de plume you’ll see from time to time in my blog comments and I think she might ban or censor my comments now) 😦


  2. Keep your head up trooper !


    1. Actually gp when I was in the Australian Army back in the early 1950’s I was “3/718724 Trooper Smith B E Sir!”,when asked by an officer; strange how our number is never forgotten!


        1. Never say never gp; you know the old adage 😛

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I only just said that yesterday – never say never or it will inevitably come true!!


        3. perhaps neve truer words spoken gp


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