2015, Is this my final year?

Our allotted span.

Three score years and ten, that was supposed to be it! I’m now four score and really starting to feel it, which has got me wondering. Is this my last year?

Last night I went to bed a little after 23.00 hours (I prefer the 24 hour clock) I answered the call around 01.00 and again around 04.00, which for me was pretty good. Of late I’ve been getting up to 5 calls a night which is pretty draining; in more ways then one.   😦  , I kind of slept in this morning and got up just on 05.30 hours. but around 3 hours later I started getting quite sleepy so I dozed off and had a nap for an hour. Six months ago this would have been unimaginable, I’d have been up at 05.30 raring to go for the whole day.

Now as to my reading, it’s this that has got me thinking, normally, to the annoyance of some, I’d read a book or two each week. I’m now going through my books, again, I can’t see the point in going buying new books, I think when I’m dead the my books will probably be thrown out or given away, the former if nobody wants to read what has appealed to me over the years, which I think is the likeliest scenario. People (and my children) don’t have the interest in books and reading anymore, which is their loss. But my reading has slowed down. Last week or was it the week before, I picked up Sense & Sensibility again, normally I’d bury my head in this book and finish it in perhaps two days, I’ve just read Chapter X of the first volume. I said I’m slowing down but this is ridiculous; if I go any slower I’ll be going backwards!       😕


The aches and pains and the creaking joints are getting to me, and what with swallowing 10 / 12 pills and capsules every morning and a few more at night just to keep me going makes me wonder; what’s the point?

Probably the thing I enjoy most these days, besides my dog and my granddaughter is the Bloggers I follow and most of those are what are commonly referred to as elderly or senior citizens, which I kind of think of as a derogatory term, when they are all the most intelligent thinking people imaginable; it is they, I believe, that are keeping me going and stopping me from going around the bend. And they very kindly put up with my rants.

There are times now when I would gladly close my eyes go to sleep and drift off, just like my father did, and forget to wake up. I do believe that Coco, my dog would be the only creature to miss me. My granddaughter is not yet two years old so she would soon forget her grandpa.

No I’m not depressed, I’m just very tired and my body is aching like mad so I’m just going to plod along and annoy as many as I can, while I can.           😈





6 thoughts on “2015, Is this my final year?

  1. Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I would miss you very much. I am not a blogger, however I enjoy reading your blogs. I enjoy your wit, and intelligence. No matter what the subject, I know you will have an answer. I understand your issues with all the pills and being tired all the time. I take 18 pills a day and 7 shots. I feel exhausted most of the time. I am not yet to the point where I am ready to meet my maker. As of this day I am only 54yrs old. I still think you have an underlying ailment, such as thyroid issue. If that is the case, it’s an easy fix and would have you feeling like your old self in no time. As for your family, I am very disappointed to hear they are not there for you. I have found that when the time comes to say their final goodbyes those are the ones who don’t understand what happened, Stupid Stupid people never realize what they have until they don’t have it anymore.
    Anyway don’t plan on leaving just yet, you have alot more story to tell.
    Love ya


    1. Well I shall book an appointment to see my doc on Wednesday or Thursday, I’m not sure yet what days he’ll be working this week, but I’ll certainly ask about the thyroid, he gav me a referral for a colonoscopy but as yet I haven’t followed it up and made the appointment so I’ll have to get that arrainged sometime soon.
      As for the family they turned against me when I started my blogs, but thats as it may be, their loss not mine 😈


  2. Oh dear, don’t make me count my pills. Not sure I can count that high. And do you count non-prescription pills like vitamins? Do you count prescription eye drops? I wouldn’t worry too much about the naps; in my experience they’re rather common among senior citizens, particularly if the previous night’s sleep was interrupted. But yes, glad you’re seeing the doctor soon and can discuss it with him.


    1. Actually it’s not the pills so much PT it’s the sheer boredom and the repetition that’s getting to me, I only take 2 vitamin tablets each day a D and a C I think they are, the other 8 or 9 I take in the am and 6 sometimes 7 at night are to give the local chemist shops something to do and help keep the unemployement figures low 🙂
      Well something like that 🙄


  3. I can’t imagine what issues your family has about the blog, but whenever I have that very similar underlying feeling of doom, changing the doctor has always cured me. By having the same MD, they become complacent – a new doctor has to start from scratch to get to know you and Viola! they find the problem. Go on – make an appointment – we’re NOT letting you leave so easily!


    1. You’re right about the new GP, gp, (GP= General Practicioner what we call our family doctors) I made the change about 3- 4 months ago and I’ve found a new doc, who’s starting from scratch. Trouble is scratch isn’t much for him to start with; 😛 He’s doing his best and I think he’s doing a great job I’m really happy with him, he’s a good bloke! I might do a cheerful blog highlighting what he’s working on and the job he’s facing I must admit I feel sorry for the poor fellow! 😀


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