O, to be in Oz, now that summers here…

..with apologies to Mr.Browning.

A few days ago I wrote a blog concerning bush fires in South Australia, now the upper parts of SA are being inundated with rain, torrential rain in fact, in places some 200mm (thats around 8″ for the unenlightened) fell in short order, many cockies (that’s farmers & ranchers for those very same people   🙄  ) are jumping with joy, the first good big rains in more than 4 years, then there are others who are dreading the floods that will now be swooping down upon them.

Meanwhile, way out west the Sandgropers are battling the bushfires, so far some 5500 hectares (13950 acres; am I not being nice     ❓   ) of bush has been destroyed, these fires are not that far north of Perth several homes have been threatened but not destroyed, but the threat is not as yet over.

The fires in Victoria are no longer a problem, the big problem there now is the injured koalas, they need mittens to cover the poor creatures paws, SA  are having the same problem. 


In NSW we  have around 100 fires burning:  


……..the last photo in this group is a bobbydazzler.

And in Sydney? All I’ve seen today is rain, good steady rain, gray skies and nothing but rain;  I think I’ll go back to bed!     🐻

4 thoughts on “O, to be in Oz, now that summers here…

  1. The poor little koalas, hate to hear about animals being hurt. Here it’s just cold. Temps around 5degrees.
    Hope your feeling better.
    Love ya


    1. Is that 5° 27° below freezing point of 32° if so it’s only fit for penguins?

      Feeling much the same but I’m going to do some blogging today, at least I think I am 🙂


  2. Sounds like a good day for sleeping.


    1. I must admit I did have a snooze for an hour or so in the afternoon.


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