A Call From The Doctor

Busy morning

Last Thursday afternoon I received a call from my doctors receptionist, to tell me that some tests he’d had made were back and he wanted to see me by tomorrow (Friday) at the latest as he was going away for a few weeks. So an appointment was made for 12.45 pm, he was shutting up shop at 1.00 pm and wouldn’t be back until the 12th January. I couldn’t get there any earlier I had to take my dog Coco for a run in the park then deliver him to OrangeDogs in Lilyfield,(http://www.orangedogs.com.au/)   for a beauty treatment and then go to the supermarket with the War Office, while Coco was being pampered.

We were up shaved and showered, (the WO didn’t shave) and out before 7 am and romped around the park for half an hour then off to OD for Coco’s scheduled 8am appointment. 

As we had a bit of time to spare and the car was a disgrace we drove to the car wash about 5 k’s up the road from where we were and went through the car wash and the War Office did the honours and vacummed the inside after which we headed for the supermarket back in Leichhardt, and arrived just after opening time and for the next hour or so I was pushing the trolley around, losing the WO every now and then and we eventually got back to the checkout.

Why am I telling you all this rubbish?  Hopefully it’ll fall into place!           🙄  

By the time we left the supermarket and went to the chemist’s ( pharmacy for my Yankee chums/buddy’s) it was way after 10.30, so the War Office called up Orange Dogs to see if our Coco was ready and he was so we went and got him straight away, which saved me the trip of going home then back out again to get him then,  back out again to the Coco Beribboned :)doctors!  See I told you it’d fall into place, it’s starting to come together now. Of course Coco looked beautiful, Corinne had done a great job on him and he looks very sweet with the little red bow on his collar.

Well we got home a bit before 11.30 and I had an hour before I needed to leave for my appointment, I decided to go a bit earlier and pick up a couple of things I’d forgotten at the first supermarket and some fresh bread rolls from Bakers Delight for lunch and the War Office had something she needed me to get from the newsagents; so I toddled off around midday, parked in the doctors buildings car park and walked to the shopping plaza to pick up my rolls etc.. I then dragged myself back to the doctors building got there about 10 minutes early and flopped down, exhausted! Is it any wonder? I hadn’t stopped except for a few minutes since before 7!

My doc called me in five minutes early, he’s a good bloke never keeps a patient waiting anyway he asks me how I was naturally enough and I said “Doc, I’m buggered!” when he asked why I told him all the rubbish that I’ve already told you, and he said well being anæmic’s not going to help. That’s what he wanted to see me about. So he prescribed some tablets for me and I told him I already had them and hadn’t been taking them as they made me crook, and he told me that I have to take them. Then he got onto the subject of a colonoscopy again, I’d been putting this off for some years now so he fiddled around on his computer for a minute or so, then told me that he’d just faxed off the referral, gave me an envelope and told me to ring on Monday to confim the appointment so it looks like I’m stuck with it, the colonoscopy that is!                          

Well he finished up by telling me that I was in great shape, I told him “You got to be kidding” and he said no way I was in great shape for a man of 80 and he hopes he’s half as good as me when he turns 65, and there I was feeling like I had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin waiting for somebody to give me a shove.

Before leaving I asked him who I should go and see if I was dying whilst he was on holidays and he with a nice big grin made the catholic sign of the cross and said that I now had no worries he just taken care of that, and I said much good it’ll do me I’m an atheist so he did it again still grinning. I’ll sue him if I die whilst he’s away and his blessings fail.      

4 thoughts on “A Call From The Doctor

  1. See I tell you all the time, you can’t go anywhere. I’d be lost. All my praying for you, and now the Doctor. Neil Frances too I am sure. Your going to live forever. Besides now that you started this blog of your life. You have to finish.
    Love ya
    P.S. Your day as you described it, sounds like everyday of mine. It’s starting to take it’s toll on me.


    1. I wouldn’t bet on that Lisa, I can barely stay awake at the moment, I’m dropping off to sleep at the drop of a hat, and staying aleep for some hours, not just a short nap, feeling very tired and sleepy so I think all the prayers and blessings and such other weird and wonderful stuff has got this god of yours and theirs anxious to meet me. It’s taken me 2 days or more to even get around to answering this comment of yours 😮 😥


  2. malcolm kenneth pelham 30/12/2014 — 15:42

    Hi im looking for any information about my old freind phil celland who drowned at shay swimming pool in 1973 hope someone remembers thank you please reply


    1. I found this in my spam folder, it appears to be not spam; I assume you found this site via a search for Shay Gap. I don’t have any information or recall anybody by the name Phil Celland, I didn’t go to Shay until 1974 I believe it was, however there were some people who responded to some of my post re Shay Gap who were there before me and if you search through them you my well find somebody who did know your friend. I’m afraid I’m of no use to yu on this occasion I’m sorry,


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