A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Out with the gloomy

If either of my readers was wondering why I’m writing the present series for some reason which hopefully will become evident, and relevant entitled “Religion. My Mother & Me” then  this I hope will suffice as a brief explanantion. Also I’ve decided to brighten up my posts as you can see. I hope you like and approve of the new format. 🙂

On the 15th October ’14 I had a very nasty traumatic experience, both physical and mental which I’m not going to dwell on here; and it revived a promise made sometime ago to one of my children  that I’d write and record the events of my life after arriving in Australia. 

Somehow I don’t think what I’m writing will be what was on his/her mind and what she/he want to hear but what I’m doing is a full an honest truthful account, being blessed/cursed with an outstanding memory everything I’m writing is never far away from my conciousness. 

If there are any in my second family that are disturbed by this well that’s the way things go! It happened it was real and cannot be ignored and if they don’t like what I’m doing then they’ll just have to live with it or lump it 😛

However, I doubt  they’re interested enough to read my posts so they will probably remain stuck in their world until I’m dead and not buried but bottled and then want to read this. 🙄

We live, we die in hope. 👿

2 thoughts on “A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

  1. Not sure why your children would not be interested, I find your life very intriguing, I am starting to think that maybe the impression I have of your family may be wrong. I always thought you were very close. Although you always have called your wife the war office…..I believed you had a good marriage. I am I wrong?
    Love ya


    1. It was for quite a while but has gone downhill lately, I might fill you in on the details by email I’d rather not open any closets on thse pages 😛


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