R.M.M.&M Part V: addendum

An apology of sorts.

Yesterday I did a post ostensibly about socializing with my Catholic friends, and went way off track and it finished up as a  blog on my first ball which actually doesn’t surprise me as when I started writing the ball kept popping up in my mind, and I skipped over for the most part my meeting with my friend Bernece’s parents.

I could have written considerably more in that post about the ball, once I started it brought back some sparkling memories of a very happy time. Many hundreds of people from 16 to 60, perhaps older. The younger ladies in their pretty ballerina length frocks and their partners in ‘business’ suits, the old people , those over 30, the men in dinner jackets/ tuxedos, some very old men in tails and all the older ladies in full length gowns, the sounds, the music, the laughter it all came flooding back to me now some 63 years on, I must admit to getting a wee bit teary eyed, as is my wont.

So this morning I thought I’d just add a little to yesterdays effort and include a couple of pictures of the Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne, that’s Melbourne Victoria not Florida for my Yankee chums, courtesy of Wikipedia where else? We’d be lost without Wikipedia these days. Anyway without further ado the pictures: 

The Exhibition Building.         The main entrance
The Exhibition Building.
The main entrance
The Exhibition Building Part of the interior & dance floor.
The Exhibition Building
Part of the interior & dance floor.

Such a pity I couldn’t find a picture with the inside set up for a ball, well we can’t have evrything I suppose.

4 thoughts on “R.M.M.&M Part V: addendum

    1. I’m glad you like it Lisa, the interior has been done up since my first ball there in 1951, but you can just imagine what that huge ballroom looked liked with hundreds of tables and people and flowers and music, one cannot forget those pleasures nor does one want too.


    1. It is indeed Kate, they are currently filming or taping whatever the local version of “Dancing with the stars
      there, it’s many years, 60 in fact, since I tripped the light fantastic there. Trouble being I
      ve had 2 wives and neither could dance or wanted too :(, I certainly knew how to picj ’em

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