Botanic name: Brunfelsia bonodora (syn. B. australis, B. latifolia)

On Tuesday I received my invitation from the University of Wollongong for the Annual Ceremony of Appreciation;  each November the Vice-Chancellor of the  University invites the donors and their families to this ceremony.

The donors of course are the body donors, the invitation gives a brief explanation of the reason for the ceremony;

People who donate their bodies for medical and scientific research make an invaluable   contribution  to the advancement of medical knowledge The University of Wollongong is greatly indebted to our donors and their families who have supported our Body Donation Program.

To acknowledge our profound gratitude and respect for this most special of gifts, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Wellings warmly invites you to attend this year’s annual Ceremony of Appreciation, to be held at the University, and to join him afterwards…

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2 thoughts on “Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow

  1. I have decided I would donate my body to the University Of Louisville, School of Medicine. My children had a little problem with that. But they will respect my wishes, I am disappointed that i will not have a gratitude ceremony.


    1. Well done Lisa pity they don’t have a gratitude ceremony; the one at the Wollongong University is a very pleasant cheerful event with plenty of good food to enjoy after in beautiful surroundings.

      I know that you of all people will appreciate the necessity of body donor programs having been in the medical profession for so many years and having had life saving operations yourself provided by doctors who need people to do what we are doing enabling them to advance the cause of medicine. Sounds a bit pompous I know but thats how I feel about the program. 🙂

      Love ya right back , even though you forgot to say it this time.


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