The “Doodlebug” Baby Replies.

An unexpected response

It came as a great surprise to me to find a comment on the post I did a few days/weeks ago regarding the “Doodlebug” & The Baby, It was from my sister the “Doodlebug” Baby herself who now lives in retirement with her husband in some little French village kilometres away from civilization. It brought a smile to my face, for once I wasn’t being lambasted for stepping out of line which I’ve been known to do. 😦

Knowing that my reader and follower doesn’t usually check on comments made to any post that I might add I thought I’d cut and paste my little sisters comment;  so here it is 🙂

Interesting Brian, albeit a bit outdated regarding Brit., cleanliness…not sure if you have ever returned Bro.? P.s.

The birthmark was higher up than the tum and caused me much embarrassment years later when one of the Oakes girls came with husband to Australia with her husband and he asked to see my ‘Doodlebug’ Mark. At about 15 I was mortified. Thankfully it has faded with age and is now difficult to see at all. I thought you had been evacuated to Somerset not Lancashire…I guess I am mistaken.

I do know through stories told and also my own memories that you were very possessive of me, but then you and Sonny were both great older brothers. I did hear that you beat up some girls who tried to take over the pushing of my pram from you. But do you remember that you and Sonny almost had me run over by a double decker bus and at about four I was sworn to secrecy ‘ not to tell mum’? Trios to Matchstick Island? I told you I remember list of things.

Cheers Carole

8 thoughts on “The “Doodlebug” Baby Replies.

  1. Write more family stories. People like those. Talk about your antics in the banjo , your mum drinking a train etc etc

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    1. Pity is my family don’t, since starting blogging in ‘011 the response from my family is not worth discussing, I have one perhaps two faithful followers, foremost amongst them is dear Lisa from Louiseville Kentuckey, who never fails to read my rubbish and comment, ah if only my own were as loyal. 😦


      1. But Brian, I have always enjoyed reading what you write, Although I must admit when you talk about politics I can’t always follow what your talking about. However due to your writings I feel like I know a little about your family. I have decided that Dopey Daughter is a genius of sorts. She must get her smarts from you. You are a dear friend, and fast becoming one of the few I still have. Love ya


        1. I’m sure DD thinks she is and her siblings kind of encourage those thoughts as does her mother; but I know better, 🙂


  2. Sad that you and your sister ended up on opposite sides of the globe. Do you two ever get together?


    1. No PT never, it must be more than 20 years since we last met, they only moved to France in the past year or so before that they lived in rural Victoria and for some reason unbeknown we neither of us liked travelling interstate. Silly really now of course it’s to late and I doubt we shall ever meet again.


  3. Oh, I just reread your post, I am from Louisville,KY…..Said by Kentuckians, Louuuville. First time ever I get to correct you LOL


    1. You could have corrected me twice Lisa, I spelt Louisville with an extra ‘e’ and also shoved an extra ‘e’ in Kentucky, I mus be getting old 🙂 Naturally it was you to whom I was referring to in that post/comment
      Love ‘ya’ back 😉 Brian


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