A First For Everything

Prime Minister Abbott

Murdoch[1] 277047-gina-rinehart-an-australian-mining-tycoon-has-leap-frogged-walmart-hei[1]ta_large_m1714183[1]Those of you who follow my ‘blogs’ will be surprised and possibly disturbed to know that for once I agree with our Prime Minister, that’s the bloke who’s picture appears beneath his puppetmasters; ” murdock and rhinehart”. The reason why will be told/explained after you finish reading the next  part of the blog. A piece that I cut and will paste from yesterdays “The Sun-Herald” our Sydney Sunday newspaper that has not been sullied by the hands of rupert murdock! Don’t worry I never capitalize his name; he is a vile specimen not worthy of respect in any shape or form! ( That gets that off my chest; again!)

First Fleet comments under fire

   Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s comment that the arrival of the First Fleet was the defining moment in Australian history has earned a rebuke from indigenous leaders.

   The chairman of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council, Warren Mundine, has told ABC Radio that white settlement was ‘‘a disastrous defining moment for indigenous people’’.

   Mr Abbott made the remarks at the opening of a history exhibition at the National Museum in Canberra on Friday, repeatedly stating that he believed the arrival of the First Fleet ‘‘was the defining moment in the history of this continent’’.

   ‘‘It was the moment this continent became part of the modern world. It determined our language, our law and our fundamental values.

   ‘‘Yes, it did dispossess and for a long time marginalise indigenous people,’’ Mr Abbott said.

   ‘‘As Noel Pearson frequently reminds us, modern Australia has an important indigenous and multicultural character.’’

   The head of the Stolen Generation Council for NSW, Matilda House, said: ‘‘I can’t fathom how a ship or a boat sailed into Sydney Harbour can overtake the 60,000 years before.

The Absurdity of Politically Correctness 

I must agree 100% with what the Prime Minister said ( you may notice that I refer to him by his title/position not by name, it always gets the murdock/ rhinehart treatment.) because it was the moment that this continent became part of the world there can be no doubt about it. True it did dispossess and marginalise the indigenous people; lets be honest it still does. Truth be known they are still treated as second/third class citizens when and if that will every really change is anybody’s guess but it’s the truth.

How can Matilda House sum up the the “First Fleets” arrival with the inane statement ‘‘I can’t fathom how a ship or a boat sailed into Sydney Harbour can overtake the 60,000 years before.” 

What 60,000 years before? Where does she get this figure has she any proof? The Aborigines have no history recorded, they were literally hundreds if not thousands of small groups wandering around this vast continent. They were not a civilized society as such. There was/are no books, no written history nothing but some tales handed down by word of mouth over time. Are the present day Aborigines direct descendants that have been spared the ignomy of evolution? Somehow I have doubts!

How much time? Who knows; a figure was struck that they’ve been on this land for 60,000 years (not by an Aborigine you may be sure) so now they accept that the invaders from England came upon and settled into a country that had a strong recorded national history and destroyed it.

Absolute rubbish!

There is no “History Of The Aboriginal Peoples in Australia”, Just myths and stories that have been handed down, by word of mouth, from one generation to the next, glorified, and gathering plenty of moss on the way down.

Surely the Australian Aborigine must be the only people alive who claim an heritage going back some 60 thousand years without proof, no records, and have peope believe them, this must be the biggest con job in history.

Now before any do gooders start crying foul let me assure you that I’ve actually lived amongst and associated with Aborigines in Western Australia over a period of some nine or ten years and during that time we each and all of us treated each other as equals.

I had some good times back then! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A First For Everything

  1. Gee, invading whites dispossessed the indigenous peoples and established a new nation. Never heard of such a thing!


    A glance at Wikipedia indicates the aborigines were there 60,000 years ago, so can’t argue that. And nobody had a written history that long ago, so I don’t think that part’s relevant. Not sure I see the problem here.


    1. The problem is that our PM for once spoke the truth, something that the majority of people in this country would agree with and he is being lambasted for saying it out loud. His problem is that he is not known for telling the truth and when he does, as he did in this instance, everybody from right, left and centre of the community and media jumped upon him. This time I believe him innocent.

      I dislike the man personally (I had the dubious pleasure of meeting him once in Manly; I was one of his constituents) and haven’t and never will cast my vote for him. I put him in the same catagory as President Geo.W. Bush, except he, like the great majority of Australians, has an abhorrence of the death penalty.

      Thanks for the comment PT I appreciate it,

      Cheers Brian


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